Live from San Diego Comic Con 2019: Amazon Prime Video, Shazam, Batwoman, The Dark Crystal & more!

Chelsea, Kristen and Trina have arrived in San Diego for the most anticipated pop culture convention of every year: San Diego Comic Con! We will be bringing you LIVE daily podcast coverage filled with all the exclusive news, celebrity sightings and convention experiences we can muster.

It’s only Wednesday, July 17th, which means we’re discussing preview night. Preview night is always a nice introduction to the week at hand, it’s chaotic on the exhibit hall floor but not overwhelming yet. This year a lot of activations hosted media previews today, which it’s nice to get those out of the way. There’s no panels, but there are a lot of screenings of new TV shows. Listen to what we got into today and hear a preview of what’s to come tomorrow (Thursday).

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