Music On, World Off: Feeling Seen

With the horror that has occurred in Christchurch, New Zealand, it’s been a harsh 24 hours and I hope that everyone has taken a moment to acknowledge the extraordinary loss, recognize its cause and demand better from your fellow man and woman.

As for the music, yes I’ve updated my Spotify MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF playlist and while it seems a thing of little importance today, of the 9 songs added to this week’s playlist one needs calling out: “I See You” by Missio.

The Austin, TX dynamic duo of Matthew Brue and David Butler have done alright for themselves as purveyors of muscular electronic pop, lyrically sharp, more thoughtful than not, with an affinity for an irresistible hook. But instead of being an inescapable banger, their latest single, “I See You,” (from their upcoming sophomore album The Darker The Weather // The Better The Man out 4/12) is more a necessary and timely conversation between the wounded. Call it the softer side of two fantastically bearded, self-described misfits who care less about fitting in and more about fucking up whatever makes anyone feel like they don’t, and then making them feel like they do. See Missio’s own words for further:

The comments from fans in response to “I See You” have run the gamut from uplifting to heart aching and that simply means that Missio has – once again – hit their mark as music makers gifted with beautifully empathetic sharpness and sight even if it is unfortunately timely. The right song can be a small mercy in the worst of times, so cue up MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF and if there’s only one song that you listen to in this playlist, make it “I See You.”

And we see you, New Zealand.