RKCB Pay Their Respects To Mother Nature In Video “Till We’re In the Sea”

Photo Credit: Alex Stoddard

Over the past four years, Riley Knapp and Casey Barth of the Los Angeles production duo RKCB have used their skills to create soulfully lush, electronic alt-pop musical waves that speak to our human nature.

But their latest single and video, “Till We’re In the Sea” (from their upcoming Shores EP out 2/22 via AllPoints) speaks to something even greater: Mother Nature.

Directed by Mike O’Brien and using richly cinematic visuals both compelling in their beauty and disheartening in their reality, the video takes to task the very real implications of dismissing the toll that our existence takes on the planet as well as our penchant for taking the immense bounty of nature for granted: the air, the land, and – far from of least import – the sea.

“We wanted to explore different landscapes through the eyes of a “Mother Nature” figure,” says RKCB. “How would she interact with our world today, where would she find solace? The sea has so much life, it is our beginning, and it may be our end, but perhaps it is a place we can restart.”

“Our goal is to inspire people to take action. Now is the time for a massive shift in human perspective,” adds O’Brien. “My hope for this video is to expand people’s awareness and show them what a beautiful place this truly is and to highlight how lucky we are to be here at this exact moment in time.”

Apparently, RKCB have much to say. Fortunately, they continue to find ears wide open and receptive to their music and its message.

Currently, RKCB is trekking around North America on their See For Yourself Tour with Shoffy so check tour dates HERE.