The Silent Comedy (The Hi Hat)

The Hi Hat | Los Angeles, CA | October 18, 2018 | Photos: ZB Images |

With the release of their new album Enemies Divide, the Silent Comedy saw fit to break the seal on the collection of brutally personal, political and social songs that they have been sitting on for several years and like folk-influenced music at its best, the album, essentially, channels the chaos of the world into darkly vivid and emotional measures and takes them to rock and roll church.

And it was well worth the wait as brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman, Chad Lee, and Justin Buchanan (unusually accompanied by backup singers) brought setlist staples “Bartholomew,” “Gasoline,” and “Exploitation” to raucous revival life alongside the new and weighty material of Enemies Multiply. Songs were sung, feet were stomped, and choruses were screamed because, while the world around us may be on fire, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of salvation that one gets at a Silent Comedy show.

And despite the album’s title, it was all rather friendly.


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