The Record Company (Amoeba Records)

Amoeba Records | Los Angeles, CA | July 12, 2018 | Photos: ZB Images |

Who loves record stores? The Record Company, of course.

Fresh from playing one of the most of the most beautifully awing venues in the world, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver, CO, the Record Company came home to Los Angeles to play a venue space that could not be more in line with their ethos: Amoeba Records.

Of course, Life To Fix (their freshly released sophomore album) was available on the shelves in CD and vinyl form alongside so many of the artists that have fueled the musical engines of Chris Vox (vox/guitar), Marc Cazorla (drums), and Alex Stiff (bass) such as Muddy Waters, Johnny Lee Hooker and the Rolling Stones. And don’t think that just because they were playing in a record store in Hollywood instead of the natural wonder of Red Rocks that the band held back any of their usual performance passion: that’s not how the Record Company rocks or rolls.

Setlist: “I’m Getting Better (And I’m Feeling It Right Now)” / “The Movie Song” /”Roll Bones” / “Goodbye To The Hard life” / “Off The Ground” / “You and Me Now” / “Life To Fix”

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