HEAR THIS: The Beauty Of Sisterhood And The “Dawn” Of VON GREY

Photos: Allister Ann

If you allow anything to (pleasantly) distract or relieve the cacophonous noise and discord in your day, let it be the latest gem from the trio VON GREY: “Dawn.”

Now calling “Dawn” a delicate stunner would be an understatement but it’s also a bit deceptive because Annika, Fiona, and Kathryn Von Grey weave their sister voices and musicianship into a fine and vulnerable tapestry of warmth, love, and understanding but also strength and support showcasing their usual penchant for classical and earthy grace.

“I want to be a soft shoulder for you to lean on”

It’s the latest release from their upcoming EP In Bloom: Acoustic, which is due out on July 20th and contains versions of “Closer To You” and “Poison in the Water” as distinctly haunting and ethereal as their originals.

So take just under 4 minutes to listen to “Dawn” and hear what a soft shoulder to lean on sounds like in song form.

“Hold on, I’ll carry you, I’ll carry you my sister / Hold on, it’s time to find the path of least resistance”


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