“London Don’t Lie” By Tatiana DeMaria

The Who: Tatiana DeMaria (London, England)

The What: If there’s one thing that Tatiana DeMaria is familiar with, it’s Warped Tour-life.

Warped was our introduction to touring the U.S. with TAT and Kevin Lyman’s support was invaluable in building our band out here.” says London-born Tatiana DeMaria.

With a shift in sound and creative direction, DeMaria has stepped out from being the frontwoman of punk/alternative band TAT to simply being Tatiana DeMaria and it’s a good look on her. Her latest solo release, “London Don’t Lie,” is more ballad than a jagged rocker and is an emotional capture of her dynamic voice showcased by this video in beautiful black and white. It also comes from her upcoming and first solo EP which you can hear her perform if you happen to be attending the final run of the Vans Warped Tour.

“To have my first solo record be performed on Warped Tour feels very fitting, and is somewhat ceremonious for me.” DeMaria shares. “Seeing the TAT fans who discovered us on Warped come out to support the new music is also amazing and we’ve been having a blast at every show.”

“I’m enjoying every second of every show and what has been and will remain a totally unique tour and experience since it’s inception and Kevin Lyman’s vision, for all bands and fans alike. It’s one I’ll miss very much and am thoroughly grateful for; though the memories are enough to keep me in stitches for a lifetime.”

The Where: If you’re riding the wave of the final Vans Warped Tour you can find Tatiana DeMaria there on the Full Sail Stage through most July dates. You can also keep up with DeMaria in the usual places such as her official website, Facebook page and at @TatianaDeMaria on Twitter.