Swerve, Swagger, Sweat: The Unlikely Candidates

The Unlikely Candidates @ Troubadour (Los Angeles)

Since the end of March Kyle Morris (vox), Brent Carney (lead guitar), Cole Male (guitar), Jared Hornbeek (bass) and Kevin Goddard (drums) who make up the Texas quintet, the Unlikely Candidates, took their theatrically unruly rock and roll stylings on the road with the New Jersey duo Brick + Mortar. And anyone who has seen the Unlikely Candidates live knows that one of the realest aspects of the show is that it is practically mandatory that the audience becomes an extension of it no matter how moist things may get.

At the end of June, this tour is over so you only have four more chances to catch this live wire act. Personally, we can think of a dozen reasons why you should get catch the Unlikely Candidates at one or more of these shows, reasons that include their three EPs worth of music, songs like “Your Love Could Start A War” and especially their currently #12 song on Alternative Radio, “Celebrate” which they co-wrote with the Dirty Heads and performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But if you’re still on the fence as to whether you should head out for a night of good music and good times or hit a Netflix binge-watch session in your favorite pajamas, the Unlikely Candidates do have an opinion on why a TUC show is something everyone needs in their life:

“It’s sweaty good fun and we always give everything we have on the stage. We like to break down that wall between audience and performer. We’ll get into the crowd, sing, dance, and bring the fans into the set. We try to give everyone a show they’ll remember and leave to tell their friends about the experience. Drinks in the air, hair flying, and our singer swaggering and swerving like a drunk pirate all over the stage. We also love getting to meet everyone one after the show and bringing party off the stage. You can always find us at the merch table after hanging out and talking til the last person leaves.”

So, see the final tour dates below in order to get the Unlikely Candidates’ sweat, swagger and flying hair experience.

6/24 @ Cornerstone (Berkeley, CA)
6/26 @ Pub Rock (Scottsdale, AZ)
6/28 @ Club Dada (Dallas, TX)
6/29 @ 3TEN Austin City Limits, Live (Austin, TX)


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