Lucifer: Boo, Normal/Once Upon A Time

Lucifer: “Boo, Normal / Once Upon A Time” | Season 2, Episode 22 & 23 | Rating: 8/11 |

This week we got two special episodes of Lucifer, which were originally meant to air for the not-currently-upcoming season 4. Both episodes served as stand-alone fillers that had nothing to do with the season 3 finale (#SaveLucifer), but there are comments in one that could apply to the finale. Those smarty-pants writers over there.

Boo, Normal:

LUCIFER: Dan & Lucifer (CR: FOX)

The first episode, “Boo, Normal,” gives us a little more back-story into our forensics gal, Ella Lopez. She’s struggling with the idea of having to move back home to help out her brothers which is putting her somewhat off her usual bubbly self. The crime itself isn’t super important to the episode, but we have a dead child psychologist who was killed by the father of one of her patients. He was upset that the psychologist wasn’t encouraging his son to be a more “normal” boy and socialize; instead, she was suggesting he further pursue his love and passion for the violin. It’s a pretty straightforward case but it ties in with our favorite folks when it deals with the idea of “normalcy.”

We all know Ella is a little extra peppy and such but what we didn’t know was that she has a bit of a darker past. When she was a child, Ella was in a really bad car wreck and suddenly she had this new friend that no one else could see: a ghost named “Ray Ray.” But this Ray Ray never really went away in the manner that a child normally outgrows his or her imaginary/invisible friend which led to Ella’s being hospitalized and put on drugs because people thought she was legit crazy for seeing a ghost. As it turns out, she’s really not that kind of crazy and Ray Ray is actually Azrael, the angel of death and one of Lucifer’s siblings. Azrael was supposed to take Ella away after the car wreck but it was a false alarm. Instead, Azrael ended up really liking Ella so she would pop in and visit Ella whenever in the area.

And, yes, Azrael sent Ella out to Los Angeles to be with Lucifer. Not to interfere with Lucifer’s life, but so that two of her favorite people would be friends and hang out together.


The entertaining b-story of the episode was Detective Dan escorting a witness to the precinct, who later duped him so she could ditch school. What followed was a very entertaining version of cat and mouse with both Dan and Lucifer chasing this kid around Six Flags Magic Mountain, Dan getting stuck on a ride, a lovely commemorative photo of Dan, and – in the end – calling in Maze to help track her down after swiping Dan’s badge and Lucifer’s car keys.

Once Upon a Time:

In the second bonus episode, “Once Upon A Time” gives us a look at what could have been had circumstances changed just a bit for everyone. It’s that age-old question of free will versus destiny. In this particular iteration a) Chloe’s father is still alive and is a police lieutenant instead of  dead and her motivation to become a cop, b) Dan has no moral compass, is lazy on the job, and is now Detective Dildo to Lucifer, c) Charlotte Richards is still a very bad lady and embracing it, d) Maze is her old, super dark self with half a mask and some minions, e) Chloe Decker is an actress who plays a cop in a movie franchise, f) Dr. Linda is a television doctor for celebs akin to Dr. Phil but it’s more like having your session with your shrink on television, g) Amenadiel is back in that dress/robe and doesn’t talk to humans and, h) Lucifer is still pretty much Lucifer.


The major crime of this episode is the murder of a stunt guy in Lux, who was consequently a friend of Chloe’s from the set of her latest movie. Although both Chloe and Lucifer are strangers at the start, it becomes clear the two were destined to meet regardless of “dear old dad’s” actions. Lucifer and Chloe were both frustrated with the police but for different reasons and decided to pursue the truth on their own. They run into each other while trying to solve the case and their inevitable partnership ignites as they are on their way to the partnership we’ve come to know. We meet Ella as a tattooed mechanic (Rosie the Riveter-style) who still manages to help solve the crime and, although she’s tough on the outside, she’s still the Ella we know and love. Some other minor things happen like seeing Amenadiel slow down time again, Lucifer wanting to expand Lux into Vegas and hooking up with no-longer-your-mother Charlotte Richards. Like Charlotte stealing Lucifer’s cash (jewels, gold bars, cash, etc.), getting caught by Maze only for Maze to let Charlotte get away with the booty in order to properly torture her in Hell later. And like Dr. Linda – despite having the good conscience – compromising her integrity and making immoral choices for the sake of television ratings.

It’s really all about how some things are inevitable (such as Lucifer and Chloe’s partnership) and how some might change completely (like Dan who is about as lazy and dirty as they come for a cop). The happiest moment of this episode was seeing Dan and Charlotte run off together, getting that happy ending we (and they) were denied in season 3. It’s sweet, it’s charming, there are a few Easter eggs to find, it makes you wonder “what if”, and is narrated by Lucifer co-creator, Neil Gaiman, as the voice of God.

LUCIFER: Chloe & Lucifer (CR: FOX)

Favorite Quote:

  • “Wait, have you been flying around this whole time like some sort of feathery homeless man?” (Lucifer upon realizing Amenadiel hadn’t been back to the Silver City but was instead roaming Earth)