Lucifer: A Devil of My Word

Lucifer: A Devil of My Word | Season 3, Episode 24 | Rating: 10/11 |

LUCIFER: Dan & Chloe (CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX)

The season finale of Lucifer hit us right in all the feels and, simultaneously, left us full of new questions. While at the time of this writing there is no season 4 planned (#SaveLucifer/#PickUpLucifer), the finale does manage to tidy up everything from season 3. So, buckle up because here we go…

We pick up immediately after the death of Charlotte Richards, only now it’s the morning after. Dan is understandably bereft but has opted to throw himself into work instead of grieving. Lieutenant Marcus Pierce shows up to oversee the investigation of the crime we know he committed, which is always so helpful. Pierce sends Dan home to rest and grieve, which turns out to not be his best move as Dan goes to Charlotte’s place, instead, and finds her file on Pierce. There’s a moment of deeper grief as Dan smashes the waffle maker he’d just given Charlotte through her glass table: It was sitting there almost like a taunt. It was a painfully beautiful moment worth a mention.

Thanks to Charlotte’s file, Dan realizes that Pierce is actually the Sinnerman and shares that information with Lucifer and Chloe. While Chloe is unsure at first (especially given Dan’s subtle state of unhinged), Lucifer confirms Dan’s suspicion and also admits that he’s known about Pierce for a while. Both Chloe and Dan are understandably angry but realize they have to put on a show for Pierce before he starts to suspect anything. What really convinces Chloe of Pierce’s guilt is when he gives a speech to the precinct about how Charlotte was one of them and starts getting emotional. Pierce doesn’t do emotional, Chloe spots the lie and resolves to bring him down.

LUCIFER: Lt. Pierce/Cain (CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX)

It’s worth noting that bringing down a criminal mastermind who has literally existed since the beginning of time (Pierce = Cain of Cain & Abel) is no easy feat. It’s especially hampered when said mastermind is actively working against everyone to plant evidence and tidy up his mess. Case in point being a planted cigarette butt. Of course, the ciggie wasn’t found during the first two sweeps of the crime scene but it was magically found on the third when Pierce insisted Ella take another look before releasing the scene. The DNA on the butt points to Steve Chamberlin (who Charlotte was prosecuting for embezzlement) and while Chloe, Dan, and Lucifer know he didn’t kill Charlotte, they still have to investigate to avoid suspicion. The key for the trio is to find out how Chamberlin is connected to someone who is connected to Pierce. In the midst of our grief for Charlotte, there’s some necessary comic relief when Chamberlin prepares to mount a defense for something he didn’t do and Lucifer, Chloe, and Dan say that they believe him. They continue to support his innocence even when they find the murder weapon in his desk and they are almost tired of telling them that they know he’s innocent. Some clever sleuthing brings us to Chamberlin’s driver as the Sinnerman connection and they manage to procure a burner phone from him. Now, this is where things get tricky. Dan secretly meets with Ella and asks her to do him a favor and we assume he’s asking her to look into the phone on the down low but the next thing we know, Ella is blabbing to Pierce about Dan giving her the phone and her being really worried about him. While I legitimately yelled at my television, it was all a trap to get Pierce’s muscle guy, Barrow, to kill Dan. Chloe and Dan snag him before any harm comes to anyone but he won’t talk.

LUCIFER: Lucifer, Chloe & Dan (CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX)

Meanwhile, Lucifer has a little sit-down with Pierce, which he lovingly refers to as a ‘reckoning’. There’s no Chloe around so Pierce can’t hurt him and Pierce is still a mortal version of Cain. It might have been Lucifer’s threat of breaking a body part for every lie Pierce tells that gets him to spill his guts about everything as Pierce lays out his plan to kill Amenadiel to get his mark back, that Charlotte got in the way and he didn’t mean to kill her, and so on. He does neglect to mention that he has Maze locked up somewhere but that’s not really a priority of Lucifer’s anyway; more on that later.

But, Lucifer does share his opinion of why Pierce’s mark finally vanished: he suspects there’s actually something to Amenadiel’s theory of them creating their own punishments. Case in point, Lucifer was thrown out of Heaven for leading a failed rebellion against dear old dad and he felt like a monster and then his devil face appeared. So for Cain, he fell in love with Chloe and felt like he finally deserved the mortality he wanted by being selfless. This idea seems a bit much for Pierce and with a final chess move, he tells Lucifer that his weakness is wanting to be good, feigns being attacked by Lucifer and escapes when fellow cops rush in to save him.

With Barrow trussed up in Lucifer’s penthouse and refusing to talk, Dan gets all “corrupt cop/not afraid to shoot you” and the guy finally breaks but it’s to lead Lucifer and Chloe right into a massive trap. Chloe tries to talk Pierce down that’s going nowhere: Pierce shoots, Chloe is hit and there’s a brief moment of silence before Pierce tells his crew to finish them when the most unexpected thing happens: Lucifer flexes his wings to shield himself and Chloe as a hail of gunfire reigns down on them. His wings get bloody but are impenetrable (???) and when the smoke clears, he and Chloe are gone from the room and are safely on a roof. Thankfully, Chloe was wearing a bulletproof vest and when Lucifer realizes she’s safe, he goes back to exact vengeance, wings and all. After taking out Pierce’s crew it’s just the two of them. Since Chloe is safely far enough away to not affect Lucifer’s immortality, Pierce doesn’t have a lot of options for killing Lucifer except Pierce has managed to procure one of Maze’s blades. You know, the kind that can kill angels and suddenly this is a very real life or death fight. It’s a dramatic fight scene with near misses and a slash to Lucifer’s arm until Lucifer manages to turn the blade around and insert into Pierce’s chest.

Pierce seems oddly at ease now that he’s dying and even believes that he’s going to Heaven, as he regrets nothing that he’s done but Lucifer takes the time to remind him of his accidental killing of Charlotte and that he deserves to be in Hell. The funny thing is, as Lucifer is reminding Cain that he can’t run from his true self, the red returns to Lucifer’s eyes and his face starts changing as if it’s electric. In Pierce’s final breath, he tells Lucifer that he can’t deny who he is and Chloe walks in to see Lucifer in full-blown devil face.

And Lucifer is completely unaware that he’s wearing it.

LUCIFER: Ella (CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX)

The Great Escape:

The last we saw of Maze, she had been drugged by Cain during a brutal fight after having a moment of concern for Dr. Linda’s safety. She is currently shackled at Cain’s hideout with two guards who don’t seem overly concerned with her possible escape, but what they underestimated was her desire to ensure the safety of her friend. Even in her semi-drugged condition Maze has an absolutely epic battle scene with the initial two watching her which leads to 10 more guys all waiting to take her down. We see the aftermath of when Cain returns to regroup after he slipped away from Lucifer at the precinct.

Maze doing her Maze thing bursts into Dr. Linda’s office, puts a knife to the neck of her current patient (who has fears that everyone is out to kill him) and asks if he is there to kill Dr. Linda. Thankfully, Dr. Linda talks Maze down, explaining that he’s just a patient and she’s fine before Maze lets him go and passes out. She wakes up on Dr. Linda’s couch after having been tended to, looking like hell (pun intended) but determined to leave: Maze thinks Cain is right and all these human emotions have made her weak. While we empathize with her feelings about these messy emotions we humans have, Dr. Linda takes a moment to point out exactly what Maze just did. Maze fought 12 guys and ran four miles to make sure her friend was okay and that didn’t come from a place of weakness, but of strength. Although Maze looks beat to hell, Dr. Linda says she’s never seen Maze stronger. Suddenly, there doesn’t seem to be a need for an apology but Maze musters the energy to sit up and offer one, which Dr. Linda reiterates. It’s a moment full of love and those messy feelings that these two finally managed to patch up their friendship. I feel it, too, ladies. I feel it, too.

LUCIFER: Chamberlin & Lucifer (CR: Jordan Althaus / FOX)

Notable Moments:

  • We’ve always known Ella for being the scientist who believes in God but after this whole mess, we find her faith has been shaken. In a brief moment between her and Lucifer, while wondering why God is bringing all this pain and hurt Lucifer replies that – for once – he doesn’t think his father has anything to do with any of it.
  • Chloe has had enough of Lucifer’s “metaphors” about being the Devil and God being his father and so on. When all this is done, she wants to have a real talk with him about it. To her, the reason they are “the truth” according to Lucifer is because they are “his truth” instead of reality. During the last few minutes, we see comprehension start to dawn on her because how else could she have survived that shootout with Lucifer?
  • We always knew Dan had a darker side to him: He’s done some bad things but for good reasons and this time, we got to see him delve deeper into that while trying to avenge someone he loved.
  • Lucifer has always hated his wings but seeing him use them to provide protection for the woman he loves, his pain from using them as a shield and then using them to fight? The whole sequence was magnificent.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Sorry but this good cop, bad cop, sad cop thing isn’t working on me.” (Steve Chamberlin)
  • “Emotions are hard but that’s why they make you strong.” (Dr. Linda)
  • “He did it, didn’t he? He killed Charlotte.” (Chloe)

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