“Wild Card” By Paul McDonald

The Who: Paul McDonald (East Nashville, TN)

The What: “I actually do own that suit!” admits Paul McDonald. “My closet is always a bit overkill. I own a handful of custom suits I’ve had designed for me or I’ve acquired over the years.” We’ll shelve the argument of whether a man makes the clothes or if clothes make the man for a later date; either way, we are all about that sharp, 70s disco Bee Gees white suit McDonald seems rather proud of and fiercely sports in his latest video for his latest single, “Wildcard.”

Go ahead and appreciate. We’ll wait…


With his debut solo album, Modern Hearts, due out on June 1st, McDonald is stepping a little lighter these days as well as stepping back into the musical spotlight. Life happens: in McDonald’s case, that meant his band’s breakup, a divorce and ditching Los Angeles for the calmer shores of Nashville. So with a heightened sense of fashion and an album that speaks to his emotional ride over the past few years, soulful songs like “Wildcard” find McDonald getting his groove back…and driving a pretty sweet car in the process.

“Unfortunately, the car isn’t mine.” The second admission from McDonald. “It’s one of my good pals in Nashville. It’s a ’67 Ford Galaxie… and I’m pretty sure it’s for sale if anybody wants it!”

The Where: You can keep up with Paul McDonald in all of the ususal places such as his official website, Facebook page and at @thePaulMcDonald on Twitter.