Lucifer: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better

Lucifer: Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better | Season 3, Episode 21 | Rating: 9/11 |

Lt. Pierce/Cain (CR: FOX)

Let’s be honest. I know we are ramping up to the end of the season so the “ish” is getting really real very quickly but with no sign of a season 4 for Lucifer yet, I’m not sure how much of this I can take. Ugh. Let’s start at the beginning…

Our case of the week revolves around a dead prima ballerina by the name of Rayna who had left the dance company to work on a television show and then abruptly came back for unknown reasons and was killed with the ties from another ballerina’s shoe. There are a few other details regarding our dead ballerina including her affair with a married man, being accused of blackmail she didn’t commit, a choreographer with a prosthetic leg being blackmailed, and an understudy who is the new prima ballerina. While on the surface, this might have nothing to do with everything else that’s going on in Lucifer-land, but the whodunnit draws some parallels and awakenings that are much needed for certain characters we know and love.

After the minor reckoning between Lucifer and Pierce, two things are clear: Lucifer wants Pierce gone and Pierce is in love with Chloe. While Lucifer kindly offers to help Pierce die now that his mark is gone, Pierce has decided he no longer wants to die. The two part ways with Lucifer determined to show Chloe that he’s the better man and the one she should pick while Pierce is resolutely determined to win Chloe back.

Charlotte (CR: FOX)

For Lucifer, he’s opted to show Chloe all the ways in which he is superior to Pierce. Despite a sit down with Dr. Linda, Lucifer hasn’t come to terms with his feelings for Chloe and although he wants Pierce gone, he knows death will break Chloe’s heart so he opts for a different way. Lucifer calls his brother, Amenadiel, for help and Amenadiel is surprisingly willing to assist since he thinks Lucifer is his task and helping Lucifer will help restore him in his father’s eyes along with his wings and his powers. Amenadiel turns to an unlikely partner, Charlotte Richards, to help prove Pierce is a bad man since Pierce was behind the Sinnerman debacle. Charlotte agrees thinking that helping an angel “do God’s work” will help move her needle towards Heaven.

Despite following Pierce to a meet with a fence and later breaking into his place, the dynamic duo come up empty, much like Lucifer. Lucifer has been so intent on things instead of actions, like a car and a fancy dinner that he hasn’t fully realized those aren’t the way to win over Chloe. He gains some ground with a seasonal latte and a lemon bar but Pierce already made a whole batch of lemon bars so let’s call that a draw. After overhearing Chloe make dinner plans with Pierce, Lucifer asks Chloe over to his place in an hour where she is met with a fancy dinner, champagne, candles and roses, and the only question Lucifer can bring himself to ask is “Isn’t this better than anything Pierce could do?” Once again, he’s completely missed the point which leads to an argument about why he cares so much about who she’s dating, among other things. It’s the classic, “He’s not good enough for you,” “If he’s not then who is?” kind of thing and Lucifer still can’t tell her he loves her. They get interrupted by Dan and Ella with the prima ballerina killer, so Lucifer and Chloe shove everything aside to go arrest the suspect.

Chloe & Lucifer (CR: FOX)

Pierce opted for the smarter approach when it comes to Chloe with tokens of affection. Thanks to Ella, Pierce realizes can actually grow old with Chloe now that his mark is gone and he’s mortal again. Accordingly, Pierce tells Maze that their whole plan is off but neglects to tell her the real reason why. Maze doesn’t take this news too well and it looks like she might be taking matters into her own hands given how much she wants to leave earth. That plan included killing Pierce and framing Lucifer in order to make his life so unbearable that he would have to leave and go back to Hell.

Pierce, on the other hand, does tell Chloe that he loves her but she says she can’t trust his words, which spawn actions like the aforementioned lemon bars and later filling her car with roses. The one thing to be said for Chloe is that she didn’t make it to dinner at his place but he shows up to hers. He gives her the speech he planned to do over dinner at his place, which included a ring and a proposal. Sadly, she said yes and Lucifer saw everything.

So how does this tie in with the case of the week? The killer was the principal male dancer in the company and in love with Amber, the understudy. He tried various ways to get rid of prima ballerina Rayna which included blackmailing the choreographer to get Rayna another job, but when Rayna returned, he killed her. The one blessing that came from this whole thing was Lucifer saw himself in our killer, in a good way: our bad guy did everything out of love and fear. He was just as afraid to tell Amber how he truly felt as Lucifer has been to tell Chloe. Actually, I think Chloe gleaned a bit of information out of the whole thing, as well, but that didn’t stop her saying yes to Pierce.

Amenadiel (CR: FOX)

Other Notes:

  • In her concern for Lucifer, Dr. Linda’s, desire to be a friend won out over her role as therapist. After his blown dinner with Chloe, Dr. Linda asked Lucifer he was afraid of when it came to Chloe. He explained that, despite his feelings for Chloe, she doesn’t have a choice in the matter since she was a blessed/miracle child who was put in his path on purpose. Dr. Linda called it out as an excuse telling Lucifer he was taking away Chloe’s choice. She also pointed out that no one knows what God is responsible for but he can’t control what Lucifer does in the moment. She topped off this fabulous pep talk with Lucifer’s signature question of “What do you truly desire?”
  • Pierce has an interesting theory about Chloe: He thinks her love is what makes Lucifer bleed and made his mark disappear. I, however, think they are vulnerable because they have feelings for her, not vice versa. Whatever the case may be, Lucifer still bleeds around Chloe.
  • Maze showed up to lend Chloe an ear in regards to Pierce. I don’t think Maze gleaned any useful info or that her intentions were pure. Now that Pierce and Chloe are engaged, the question is whether or not she will go ahead with the plan.
  • Trixie is still upset with Maze and not sure she will get over it any time soon.
  • In Amenadiel’s pursuit to expose Pierce, he seems to be making the same mistakes as he did before. Is it still good if you’re doing bad things for the right reason?
  • Dan is totally Team Lucifer. He even spat out a lemon bar when he found out who made it. I love that guy.
  • Shoutout to Ella’s Spiritual Gangster shirt, even if she is Team Pierce.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Why do I feel like I should have stopped him this time?” (Dr. Linda after Lucifer runs out of her office with the wrong idea in mind)
  • “You don’t always get to pick who you fall in love with.” (William Sterling)