Lucifer: The Angel of San Bernardino

Lucifer: The Angel of San Bernardino | Season 3, Episode 20 | Rating: 10/11 |

Recently on Instagram, a cast member of Lucifer (no, I can’t remember who) said something about the last five episodes of the season being very intense/insane and boy, were they right. We’ve come back from a small hiatus and this episode packs a punch, so let’s get right into it!

Lucifer (CR: FOX)

Things between Detective Chloe Decker and Lieutenant Marcus Pierce are getting pretty hot and heavy. Although we all know that Pierce is really Cain (of Cain and Abel) and he’s really only wooing Chloe in the hopes of finally being able to die, he’s being stupidly romantic. Between getting Chloe into the evidence room for a makeout and probably more session (judging by the stuff falling from Ella’s shelves in her lab) to showing up with Chloe to yet another crime scene, Pierce’s flag is firmly planted in and on Chloe. But the real reason Pierce showed up at the crime scene wasn’t just to rub it in Lucifer’s face but because the weekly dead guy was Kevin Winsted, an upper elite from a wealthy real estate family. He was shot in the chest in a crappy part of Los Angeles and it’s not at all where you would expect a Winsted to live. Apparently, he was the black sheep of the family and, until somewhat recently, was a heroin addict. What makes the whole thing even stranger is that the lady from whom he rented a room was almost killed during the incident until an angel saved her life and the intruder ran away. If you want proof that it was an angel, the angelic guest took one of her angel figurines when it left. Chloe jokes that perhaps it was one of his brothers and, in true Lucifer fashion, he scoffs at the idea that an angel would interfere in such a trivial human matter but Lucifer does check with Amenadiel if one of their siblings is in town. According to Amenadiel none are which is all well and good…except for Lucifer finding the missing figurine in his room, next to the bed.

Now, I know what you might be thinking here: Is Lucifer the one who swooped in and saved this lady? Well, Dr. Linda thinks it’s possible that Lucifer is sleep flying. Although Lucifer doesn’t want to admit how much Chloe’s relationship with Pierce bothers him, Dr. Linda thinks it could be affecting him, especially since he’s admitted to having strange dreams about his wings.

Lucifer is firmly sure that he didn’t save the woman and wants to solve the case asap to prove it wasn’t him since Lucifer only cares how the case of the week directly affects him. There’s a touch of mania creeping in and Chloe can tell that Lucifer is not doing well so she sends him home for the rest of the day and Lucifer takes her handcuff with him. To restrain himself in case of sleep flying, of course. Unfortunately wakes up to news of an angel saving a family from a fire in San Bernardino. What’s worse is Lucifer’s handcuffs seem to be cut and there’s soot all over him.

Dr. Linda (CR: FOX)

So what exactly happened? Lucifer (taking Chloe’s advice to stay awake) went down a rabbit hole of crazy that included women, a fight club, household chores, fun with a tricycle, and a Bones binge – all of which kept him awake for a week. A new lead points to a suspect, Matt Kessman, who fought with Kevin but turns out only be an actor hired to keep Kevin getting high. What’s amusing is that Lucifer recognized Kessman as the killer and for a hot second we think it’s because Lucifer was, in fact, the saving angel but he actually only recognized him from an episode of Bones.

It turns out that Kevin was trying to get his life together: Kevin had a baby momma (Mary) who dumped him just before their wedding and now that Kevin was clean, he wanted his family back. In order to dissuade Kevin, Mary hired a guy (Jeremy) to step in and play the part of her boyfriend and fell in love with Jeremy for real. Jeremy couldn’t let Kevin back into the picture and ruin everything and during a particularly Lucifer-esque interrogation (read: Lucifer was holding Jeremy in the air by the throat), Lucifer demands to know if he was there and if he saved the woman. According to Jeremy, she went into a religious trance and saw the shadow from one of her figurines, one of which he accidentally touched, took with him and later destroyed. Lucifer wasn’t there at all. Of course, Chloe always being a step behind Lucifer shows up afterward and Jeremy confesses to everything. Case closed.

Mania and Manipulation:

Lucifer (CR: FOX)

So the case has been closed, and all is good, right? No, all is most certainly not good because, during his chat with Jeremy, Lucifer comes to a revelation. While searching his penthouse for the angel figurine to prove that Pierce is the one who has been manipulating him, Maze unexpectedly shows up and, in a very un-Maze fashion, she seems genuinely concerned about Lucifer. But because of that abnormal kindness, Lucifer deduces that she and Pierce have been working together. In a fabulous 180, Maze reveals she planted the figurine to play on his daddy issues and she wore the angel wings while saving the family from the fire in San Bernardino and just as we truly see just how cruel Maze has become, Lucifer realizes she’s stalling him and promptly tears out of his place to get to Chloe.

Chloe, on the other hand, has finally decided to take a leap; she’s even told Trixie about Pierce and that he makes her happy but prior to that, she had a big blowout with Lucifer when his mania was peaking. After rambling on with the actual truth about Pierce, Chloe shut Lucifer down telling Lucifer that Pierce is a good man and almost said she loved him which seemed to give Chloe a much-needed revelation about her feelings.

When Pierce showed up to Chloe’s place bearing beer and chocolate cake, Chloe invites him to stay the night like a grown up but, before she can say “I love you,” Pierce stops her dead. It seems Maze’s earlier words about the whole plan being ruthless got to him and Pierce bolts from Chloe’s house with the only explanation being that she’s making this too hard and he just can’t do it anymore, leaving a devastated Chloe in his wake. After seeing Chloe’s pain, Lucifer comes for Cain, bringing what looks like the full might of the Devil and while it looks like we are in for a Grade A fight, Cain has no fight in him. He’s realized he can’t hurt Chloe like that (too late) and any pain Lucifer brings, he deserves for what he’s done. Before Cain can get up to get beat down, we see something missing from his arm: his mark is gone.

Maze (CR: FOX)


Charlotte Richards is acting oddly. She’s being brutally honest to the point of rude with people she kidnaps Dan for afternoon shots at a restaurant and even suggests sex in the closet and Amenadiel finds Charlotte on a jewelry spree. Apparently, she’s under the impression that because she knows a pair of angels, she can just slip right into Heaven but Amenadiel sets Charlotte straight about a few things, especially because he doesn’t have his wings back and Lucifer isn’t exactly welcome in Heaven. Because she believed she had a Heavenly free pass, Charlotte reverted back to her old ways in the blink of an eye; now she’s in shock and despair as she fears there’s no hope for her and she actually will end up back in Hell.

In Maze-land, it’s clear that her phone call to Chloe in an attempt to repair the damage caused during her hurricane of a departure was far from sincere: she was simply playing her part. But we have to wonder if, since Pierce backed out, will she continue down this path and kill Pierce as promised, especially now that he’s mortal, or will she have her own revelation or breakthrough and get back to the Maze we know and love?

Other Bits:

  • Lovely little sex joke about DNA. Chloe had DNA on her shirt but it wasn’t bodily fluids, just part of a sticker from the evidence room that said “DNA.”
  • Amenadiel thinks he is or will be punished by father for revealing divinity to Charlotte. We shall see.
  • Lucifer’s mild obsession with Bones makes him start throwing out random names of different bones while looking at Kevin’s autopsy report. He also thinks Bones is like a documentary of him and Chloe: she’s clearly Booth, and Lucifer is obviously Bones.
  • It was so nice to see immortal Lucifer again!
  • “Will he be coming with you from now on because he’s killing our banter.” Way to be self-aware, Lucifer.

Favorite Quote:

  • “The only thing my siblings would chase away is a good time.” (Lucifer)