Draemings, Nightmare Air & Metal Mother (Bootleg Theater)

Bootleg Theater | Los Angeles, CA | April 6, 2018 | Photos: ZB Images |


In a city where the odd is ordinary, you might think that local Los Angeles music lovers would get used to the fantastical glam spectacle that DRÆMINGS offer up every single time they perform. But no. Every single time that the self-proclaimed purveyors of “neon nightmare creature pop” do their thing, they dazzle a bit more than before as was the case at Bootleg Theater – and all aliens were welcome – as Kimi Recor (vox/guitar), Thorson (bass/synth), Christopher Vick (guitar), and Nathaniel Meek (drums) took the room on a deep and emotional dive through outer space here on earth. Wonderfully weird in form and fashion but well designed in song like “Fire In Hell,” “Great Escape,” the shiny, new “Change” which resembled an 80s dance party and the ethereal beauty of “Tides” heartfully dedicated to Emery Becker, one of the LA community’s own who died in March.


Swaan Miller (vox/bass), Dave Dupuis (guitar/vox), and Jimmy Lucido (drums) made the evening a record release one bringing their heavy, heady and fog-covered rock out to play in honor of their second full-length album, Fade Out. Released on March 2nd, the trio was kind enough to delay their record release show until they returned home to Los Angeles from their UK tour with Gary Numan. Thanks for that, folks.

Nightmare Air

Metal Mother