“I Want Your Trouble” By Brandy Zdan

The Who: Brandy Zdan (Nashville, TN)

The What: Sometimes it’s the simplest things that can bring on the inspiraton. See Nashville-by-way-of-Canada Brandy Zdan for further.

Imagine that you’re dating and one day your beau shoots you a text message that says, “I want your trouble.” Indeed, there are a myriad of ways for one to respond to such a relationship juncture and Zdan chose the most logical: she married the guy (Aaron Haynes from the Texas Gentlemen), they wrote a song about the sentiment and called it “I Want Your Trouble”. Exhibit A that romance is clearly alive and well, folks.

But not only is the video for “I Want Your Trouble”┬ájust so darned 80’s retro in hot pink with old-school MTV and Max Headroom motifs, but it’s a harkening back to the rock and roller in Zdan which makes for fine Video Of The Week material.

Also, it’s just one song that can be found on her upcoming sophomore album, Secretear, due out on 5/11 so keep an ear out for that.

The Where: You can keep up with and learn more about Brandy Zdan in all of the usual places like her official website, Facebook page and at @BrandyZdan on Twitter.