Lucifer: The Last Heartbreak

Lucifer: The Last Heartbreak | Season 3, Episode 18 | Rating: 8/11 |

Chloe, Lucifer & Pierce (Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

Let’s be honest. We’ve all had that one person who we thought was a friend but turned out to be the absolute worst. Well, that’s a bit like how Lucifer feels about Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (aka Cain) at the moment but throw in some pettiness, jealousy, and Lucifer-ness and you get the picture.

It’s the day after the Axara concert and Pierce and Detective Chloe Decker are chumming it up in his office like nobody’s business. There are obvious fireworks and Lucifer is not at all amused. His mood is also not helped by Ella Lopez who thinks the aforementioned other two totally boned. Lucifer and his edginess are not hard to spot and Ella soon calls him out on his feelings of being threatened by Pierce. As much as he tries to pretend he’s not bothered by it, he really is. This annoyance carries over to our case of the week where couples are found dead with their chests caved in, holding hands along with a wedding ring in someone’s chest because one of them was cheating on their spouse. This case is actually a blast from the past for Pierce and he easily inserts himself into the investigation. His mentor back in the day (1958 to be exact) was the guy who caught the original killer the first time around and put him in jail. The original “Broken Hearts Killer,” as he was dubbed, recently died in prison when these copycat murders sprang up. As copycats do, the killer is doing exactly the same thing: executing cheating couples. Pierce’s insight is incredibly helpful and Lucifer is incredibly annoyed about it. He’s quick to bleat about not needing anyone to interfere in his partnership with Chloe and scoffs when something Pierce suggests doesn’t pan out. You know, I love Lucifer but green really isn’t a good look for him.

A few failed leads later including a jilted soon to be ex-wife, a serial killer obsessed tour guide, segways, and a radio show intern we find our killer. Actually, Lucifer does and saves the day with the beauty of it being that we only see the killer for a hot second earlier on in the episode so he’s not one you give much thought to. That was pretty brilliant. It turns out to be the guy who bought the house of the previous serial killer. He found some old journals in the attic and got looped into that crazy mindset that cheaters never prosper.

Pierce & Ella (Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

A Maze of Trouble:

Maze is going through some pretty crazy self-loathing at the moment and her downward spiral continues with burning bridges all around her. Next in her path are Dan and Trixie. Dan brings Trixie home to pick up her stuff for school to find the apartment littered with passed out guys and someone smelly passed out in Trixie’s bed. Rightfully, Dan is upset by this mess, asks if Maze is going through something lately to which she replies with the current Maze denial of nothing, other than the band of passed out dudes.

She’s incredibly flippant and rude beyond usual measure, but Dan brushes it off until we find out what happened at school: Trixie brought pot brownies to school which resulted in her 70-year-old teacher being rushed to the hospital when she couldn’t feel her legs. After some misplaced laughter from Maze, Dan lays into her about her behavior and the fact that she crossed a line with Trixie. In this unusual horrible, huffy, and self-loathing attitude, Maze declares that she will move out since no one wants her around anyway and she’s not a babysitter, not a roommate, and she’s “sick of that “goody-two-shoes detective” and her “brat” which Trixie has the absolute misfortune of hearing. It’s utter heartbreak. We can’t really tell if Maze is upset by what she said or because Trixie heard it because we all know she actually likes Trixie. Maze makes the smart move and moved out of the apartment. She clearly needs some therapy. Too bad she’s not talking to a therapist at the moment.

Lucifer (Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

Mistaken Identity:

While at a coffee shop badgering a poor barista (who just wants to take his order) about what his dad (God) really wants from him, Amenadiel spots Charlotte Richards, who – the last time that he saw her – was his mom. Being Amenadiel, he runs up to her and starts babbling about swords and things that this Charlotte can’t possibly understand before realizing his mistake. In his nobility, he runs to tell Dr. Linda that this safe version of Charlotte is around unaware that she already knew and was treating her. He seems to be the last to know that the real Charlotte is back from literal Hell and is trying to put her life back together again. Dr. Linda warns Amenadiel to stay away from Charlotte if he wants to help her because she’s not very stable at the moment. But being Amenadiel, he just can’t help himself and Charlotte catches him keeping an eye on her at the coffee shop. She confronts him saying that wants to know everything, especially since he clearly knows more than she does. Going against Dr. Linda’s orders, Amenadiel proceeds to tell her what we assume to be the whole shebang from flaming swords to Hell is real and everything in between. I wonder if he broke her…


Pierce & Chloe (Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)

Pierce has had a pretty non-existent romantic life that we know of until now. Back in the 50s, when he was working on this Broken Hearts Killer case, ladies were throwing themselves at him and all he did was ignore them until one lovely waitress at this cop restaurant successfully managed to chat him up. The two became friendly and it seemed like something more might happen until Pierce told her he was being transferred now that the case was over. Accurately, she called him out for being scared and not letting anyone in and, eventually, wound up marrying his mentor. You could tell Pierce lost out on something special.

Flash forward to present day and Pierce is trying really hard with Chloe. Between the concert and asking her to dinner, he’s igniting some flames. At a stakeout for the killer/second date with dinner, Chloe confesses to really liking him but being unsure if a workplace romance is a good idea especially since he’s already admitted to not being the relationship type. Pierce makes a somewhat desperate plea saying that he wants to work on being the guy that lets someone in and he wants it to be with her. All systems seem GO between the two but Chloe still seems to be lacking some enthusiasm on her side. Maybe it’s for the best since Pierce is back to thinking she’s the key to helping him die.

Pearls of Wisdom:

I love Dan. I said it and I’m not ashamed of it. He’s turning into the grounding regular Joe in the Lucifer world and it’s pretty awesome. He’s also now the go-to guy for advice or help and Lucifer is in need. During the stakeout for the killer, Lucifer shows up to ask Dan how he got over Chloe once he entered the picture. Dan adorably concedes that he was upset at first but realized that he and Lucifer each have a different relationship with Chloe and Lucifer showing up isn’t why his marriage ended. Once he came to terms with that, he was fine. This, in turn, helps Lucifer come to terms with Chloe having enough room in her life for two immortals. Way to drop a wisdom bomb, Dan!

Favorite Quote:

  • “I guess we’ll get out the old chest spreader and go fishing for some wedding rings.” (Ella)