Lucifer: Let Pinhead Sing!

Lucifer: Let Pinhead Sing! | Season 3, Episode 17 | Rating: 8/11 |

Lucifer (CR: Erik Voake/FOX)

Ugh. Feelings. Sometimes they are the absolute worst and this week’s episode of Lucifer had a lot of feelings going around. Those feelings were a grab bag of good, bad, UGH and so many more. At least we got some kind of feels…

Fresh off the bomb scare from last week, Lucifer has decided the best course of action is to mellow out, get some distance and lie low. When he realizes how stupid that idea is for him, his next best idea is to focus his attention on everyone but Chloe in order to make his dear old dad think he doesn’t care so much about her. It’s sort of reminiscent of the boy in school who pulls your pigtails because he likes you.

It’s also infuriating and exceedingly obvious to Chloe (and the rest of us!), although she doesn’t understand the full reasoning behind it. This makes their partnership a little weirder than usual during the case of the week where a famous singer by the name of – ahem – Axara, seems to be the target of a crazed fan. After the death of her backup singer/dancer who was pretending to be her, there are a slew of potential suspects. At the top of the list (after previously departed backup singer, Patrick, aka Axara 2.0 Wannabe with a solid alibi) is a crazed fan with some very intense feelings about Axara in his social media feed. Too bad he was found dead of an apparent suicide, but he actually died before the attempt on our singer’s life, so it wasn’t him.


Lucifer (CR: Erik Voake/FOX)

Suspicions shift to her manager when his gun was found in a trash can after a fresh attempt on her life coupled with the insurance payout he would receive if she died. But no, it was her childhood friend, Cici, who only wanted to keep Axara safe. Feeling any parallels here, Lucifer? Perhaps that’s why he jumped on Cici (the girl with the knife) when the detective was around: Clearly, he still has massive feelings for Chloe and only later can he admit to Dr. Linda that he’s made a mistake. What’s the mistake? My guess would be the whole distancing himself-thing in order to give Pierce an opportunity to move in. Wait, what?! Yeah. Lucifer is clearly hurt when Chloe goes with Pierce to a concert and it is beyond heartbreaking to see. All I want to do is jump through the screen and lock those two in a room together.

Have A Little Faith:

Pierce, on the other hand, is going through some really dark stuff. Nothing seems to cheer him up from the fact that it seems like he’s doomed to his miserable fate of walking the earth forever. Upon Ella’s suggestion and after her failure with a compliment box (all of the notes talked about his arms), Dan takes Pierce out to Lux for a beer to help lift his spirits. Instead, Pierce winds up bringing Dan down, so he calls for backup in the form of Amenadiel. When it’s clear that the two know each other, Dan bows out (smart, Dan!) and Amenadiel is thrilled to learn that Pierce is not going to defy God anymore and that his alliance with Lucifer is broken. Of course, Amenadiel thinks that he was responsible for these changes: he wasn’t, but it was cute to see him light up at the thought of passing his test.

Pierce and Amenadiel then get into a discussion about faith since Amenadiel is not discouraged by the fact that he still doesn’t have his wings back. Pierce makes the solid point about not having faith or hope because of his own existence, aka an endless loop of suffering while Amenadiel notes that you must have faith because if someone like his brother (the Devil) could have what he has with Chloe, maybe Pierce can too. Pierce may have taken that last bit a little too much to heart…

The End:

Lucifer, Ella & Chloe (CR: Erik Voake/FOX)

It seems to be the end of any kind of friendship between Maze and Dr. Linda. It’s clearly affecting Dr. Linda in her work and, after a failed attempt at apology gift-giving to Maze, the situation is very much a distraction. Thankfully, Charlotte Richards is there to offer her help with mediating the conflict between the two, but the mediation doesn’t go so well and you could say their animosity is somewhere between a rock and a crazy place. Dr. Linda is hurting because she gave up Amenadiel for Maze and Maze still isn’t speaking to her. Maze is still mad (mad is actually an understatement) at the betrayal in the first place,  while Dr. Linda is mad that Maze called dibs on someone who she doesn’t even have feelings for anymore. Or does she?

The whole thing was an unmitigated disaster and I’m not really sure how this relationship can ever be repaired. It’s going to take something major in order to bring these two back together again.


  • Fun fact: Lucifer would like a pet shark.
  • Lucifer also got to play bodyguard to Axara. They had some bonding moments after Lucifer turned down sex. That’s right, he turned down sex.
  • Dr. Linda got Maze a double-sided ax of the medieval variety and Maze later snapped it in half. Jeez.
  • That was a lovely cover of ”I Will Survive” by Axara and Lucifer. We wouldn’t be mad at future devlish duets.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “You can’t let anyone come in between you and the things you’re passionate about in this life.” (Axara to Lucifer about his love for Chloe)
  • “I know! And it feels so strange. I feel so good, it’s like I’m floating. Although that might be the three gimlets I had at lunch.” (Charlotte talking about doing good deeds)