Riverdale: Chapter Twenty-Seven – The Hills Have Eyes

Riverdale – Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Hills Have Eyes | Season 2, Episode 14 | Rating: 7/11 |

Betty & Jughead

Every relationship goes through growing pains and – wow – there are some doozies in this week’s episode of Riverdale. Let’s chat, shall we?

First thing, the core four (Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica) are off for a romantic getaway at the Lodge cabin at some undisclosed location. Side note: How is Betty’s mom okay with this unless there was some major lying going on? I digress…

Before setting off, Cheryl tried and failed to invite herself along which later lead to a spiteful phone call to Jughead telling him about Betty and Archie’s kiss during the whole Black Hood debacle while they were all, technically, broken up. Obviously, this has the desired effect of looming like a cloud over their vacation, especially considering that Betty never told Jughead about it in the first place. They do work it out, eventually, because the two were on a break at the time (Friends, anyone?) so there don’t seem to be any hard feelings. However, Veronica seems to be picking up some residual tension and suggests a trip to the hot tub complete with a couple switch up. Well, not a switch up so much as a kiss between her and Jughead to even things out. He’s completely on board with the idea as it will “level the playing field” plus he seemed to take more enjoyment than necessary from Archie’s face during the process. Things do seem to be square among them all until two things happen:

First, Veronica finding out that they weren’t alone after all. Archie knew André was going to be around but out of sight and didn’t tell her. Oops.


Veronica & Jughead

Second, Hiram made a few purchases during their trip: the trailer park where Jughead lives and the local paper. An argument ensues about Hiram and his intentions and the friends seem to be against each other until the unthinkable happens: a masked gang breaks into the cabin threatening everyone unless they hand over some cash. Thanks to Veronica’s quick thinking, a distracted assailant, and a silent alarm, the four make it out unscathed with André still there (despite Veronica’s protests) to deal with the masked man that Archie caught. Thank goodness for a little perspective among friends.

What’s in a Blossom?

Have you ever wondered what Cheryl’s deal was? Did she harbor lustful feelings for her now dead brother, Jason, or maybe she was an asexual being? Well, we got some insight into her romantic world. After a verbal sparring match with her mother (who definitely came out the winner, calling Cheryl names like anorexic, hateful, and she teasing her for being alone), it’s no wonder Cheryl is the way that she is. With a mother like that, you can’t help but feel bad for her. Cheryl takes out her anger by telling Jughead about Betty, but she was overheard by Toni Topaz who offered to lend an ear and was immediately shot down by a hurting and spiteful Cheryl. A chance run-in at the movie theater changes things between them and Cheryl starts to open up to Toni. Things get even deeper during an after movie shake at Pop’s and we start to see the real Cheryl. Apparently, she had a girlfriend named Heather when she was younger, her mother found out, called Cheryl shameful (I don’t think a lady of the night should cast any stones but, whatever) and ran her girlfriend off, breaking Cheryl’s heart and leaving the ice queen that we’ve come to know and expect. Yet Cheryl doesn’t like that people think she’s a loveless person. The always-supportive Toni told her that her mother was wrong and that she is a beautiful human. I think there might be a new romance budding!

Make it Hurt:

Josie is none too happy about her mother’s affair with Sheriff Keller and is even more displeased to know that her parents were already planning to divorce, but were waiting for her to finish high school. Feeling a bit hurt, she decides to tell Kevin about the whole affair and now there’s a world of hurt going around. After running into Kevin at the movie theater, she apologizes and the two meet their parents at Pop’s to talk the whole thing out.

Moose & Midge


  • Apparently Moose never told Midge about him and Kevin, despite telling Kevin she knew and was cool with it. Ouch.
  • Bad Betty came out to play with Jughead!
  • It looks like Hiram and Archie are more similar than we thought considering how okay Archie was with the way Andre “took care” of the home invader that was caught.
  • Jughead met Chic and was completely creeped out by him. I guess Chic warning Jughead not to tell anyone about the murder in the house as it would be bad for Alice and Betty can do that.
  • Also, Jughead issued a warning about Chic saying not all home invasions are quick and to just be aware and safe.


Favorite Quote:

  • “Is that their response to everything? Can’t they just have a conversation?” (Jughead upon hearing the creaking bedsprings from Veronica and Archie’s bedroom)