Lucifer: Infernal Guinea Pig

Lucifer: Infernal Guinea Pig | Season 3, Episode 16 | Rating: 9/11 |

Lt. Marcus Pierce/Cain & Lucifer

We all know how hell-bent Lucifer is on screwing over his father and helping Cain aka Lieutenant Marcus Pierce die, right? And we know that Amenadiel won’t help because it goes against what dear old dad wants, right? And we also know that Detective Chloe Decker gave Lucifer his first real brainwave to help Cain die if you were watching last week’s episode? Good, we are all caught up!

While Lucifer can’t actually go back in time to change what happened between Cain and Abel with the whole murder thing, he can go down to Hell, pluck Abel out, and deposit him in a recently deceased body. The logic being that if Abel is now alive, Cain didn’t commit the sin and wouldn’t be marked and so on. This all sounds like a great idea to enact right in the midst of a case, doesn’t it? Well, actually no. A slight problem arises when Lucifer inadvertently puts Abel’s soul into the body of a gal by the name of Bree Garland (Lauren Lapkus), who was recently fatally injured due to being in the vicinity of a bomb blast. Oops.

After the initial hilarity of an ancient (and very horny) Abel being stuck in a woman’s body wears off, the reality sets in.

Reality check #1: Abel is back from Hell and – thanks to all of the torturing that happened down there – he is a very adaptable individual. He was their first tenant, after all.

Reality check #2: Abel is in the body of a person of interest in the bombing case and because it’s actually Abel and not Bree, he is a less than helpful individual for solving the case.

Reality check #3: Abel is back and Cain still has his mark, so the whole thing is a mess for nothing. Oh, and did I mention that Lucifer and Cain lost Abel at the hospital? Yep, he got up and walked right out. Now, after going to Maze for some advice, Lucifer and Cain manage to track Abel/Bree down at a rooftop party but Amenadiel got there first. Of course, Amenadiel is not happy about what Lucifer has done, so wanting Abel/Bree to remove themselves as pawns in this game, he logically offers Abel/Bree a gun to kill themselves with. Side note: I thought suicide was a sin so I’m not sure I follow Amenadiel’s logic here. Anyways, by the time Lucifer and Cain show up, someone makes another attempt on Abel/Bree’s life and they lose Abel/Bree yet again.

Bree & Amenadiel

Once again Cain asks Maze for help finding Abel but is circumvented when Abel shows up and shoots Cain. Sadly, since Cain still has the mark it seems that even having Abel shoot him won’t put him out of his misery. When Cain wakes up again, he explains to Abel that he’s no longer in Hell and that he needs Abel’s help in order to die. Both realize that they have both been in their own form of Hell and a newfound understanding seems to blossom between them. Abel does come into the precinct and (under the guise of having PTSD while Bree is behaving like Abel and has no memory) manages to help solve the case. Another bomb is involved but, thanks to some quick thinking, Cain helps Chloe diffuse it over the phone.

Now, who was after Bree? Well, it was the Bolivian mob. They were laundering money through Bree’s boss’ movies and she was about to blow the whistle on them. Her boss, Alexa, was in on the plot to kill Bree but turned around and ratted on the Bolivians so, she has that going for her. Oh, and I should also mention that Cain and Abel parted on very amicable terms, but then Abel was run over by an ambulance. What a bummer.

Det. Chloe Decker & Lucifer

Seeking Help:

Charlotte has finally taken the time to sit down with Dr. Linda and have her first therapy session and it’s not really going the way Charlotte would like. Charlotte has been trying to escape this reoccurring nightmare she has of bad people that she’s gotten out of jail coming to her home and killing her family and she just wants Dr. Linda to tell her how to make it stop. Dr. Linda, on the other hand, wants to start at the beginning with Charlotte’s control issues. I guess when you think you can win at therapy, you really need something to set you straight. After walking out on Dr. Linda in a huff, Charlotte gets that wake-up call in the form of Abel/Bree. The blind faith she has in a deal she did not read over shakes Charlotte especially when Bree says she will do anything to avoid going back to the hell she came from, even if it means giving up control. You can bet that Charlotte was back in therapy with Dr. Linda and was way more amenable.

Other Notes:

  • Maze baited Amenadiel with a fake Bree so he wouldn’t interfere and promptly tried to fight him. Amenadiel wouldn’t fight back and the old argument came up again. No one left that fight a winner.
  • Chloe had some minor jealousy that Cain aka Pierce took Lucifer for part of the day. Lucifer was her partner, after all. Both Detective Dan and I were quite amused.
  • Both Cain and Abel wanted to kill each other: Cain is just the guy who won the fight.
  • Lucifer wants to dissolve his alliance with Cain and while the devil doesn’t go back on his word, Lucifer did not like the kind of danger that it put Chloe in. I guess he’s not a fan of near-death experiences when it comes to her. So, what’s next?

Favorite Quote:

  • “Do you know how many times I’ve tried to tell people Abel is the asshat? No one ever believes me.”  (Cain)