Lucifer: High School Poppycock

Lucifer: High School Poppycock | Season 3, Episode 15 | Rating: 7/11 |

In case you couldn’t guess from the title, we are going back to high school. According to Lucifer, it’s a popular torture in Hell, but we go to a real-life reunion.

Lucifer (Photo: Erik Voake/FOX)

We begin when Kathleen Pike (author of a popular young adult series) was found murdered by way of her own vintage typewriter. It turns out that Kathleen was using real people and real experiences from her high school days to create the plot and story for her best-selling series, Class of 3001 and it’s more than likely a former classmate knew and was not at all happy about it. Kathleen was all set to debut her final installment of the series at her reunion but, seeing as how she was murdered, never got the opportunity. Sadly, none of her former classmates were at all responsible and neither was an obsessed fan that she had crossed paths with. It was her editor, Vincent Green who – upset with her tame and lame ending to the series after waiting five years for this final installment – threw her typewriter at her.

So, what does all this have to do with Lucifer, you ask? Well, he has a bit of a mental block when it comes to ways to kill Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (aka: Cain) right now and is exceedingly interested in finding a way to get over it. Kathleen Pike took five years to get over her writer’s block and, according to her murderous editor, explained how she got over it to finish her book. After trying and failing with the improv technique of “yes, and,” Lucifer is hard pressed to find the killer so he can find the manuscript with the information on getting over a mental block. As it turns out, the manuscript is gone (thanks, Vincent), but it’s Detective Chloe Decker who gives Lucifer the inspiration in the end.

A Maze of Trouble

Dr. Linda, Amenadiel & Maze (Photo: Erik Voake/FOX)

Yes, Dr. Linda and Amenadiel are still dating and sneaking around on Maze. What they don’t know is that Maze already knows about them and that they’ve been lying to her about it. While Dr. Linda does feel guilty about lying to Maze, she can’t bring herself to tell Maze the truth because Maze is her friend and you just don’t date your friend’s ex-boyfriend. That’s Girl Code 101. However, Maze is tired of being lied to and thanks to some inspiration from Chloe’s daughter Trixie, she devises a way to torture them and get the truth to come out. Maze insists on setting Dr. Linda up on a blind date while she and Amenadiel are there as a double. What follows is awkward and strange before the truth finally comes out like a bad zit finally popping. It’s messy: there’s yelling, hurt, and anger before an upset Maze finally runs off. Upon reflection, Dr. Linda realizes that she and Amenadiel must end their newfound relationship. It clearly hurts them both, but at least there’s no more sneaking around.

High School Daze

Det Chloe Decker (Photo: Erik Voake/FOX)

Apparently auditioning takes up a lot of your time, even as a high schooler and Chloe missed out on a lot of regular high school happenings. She didn’t get to experience high school drama, which is probably why she stayed up all night reading Class of 3001 and was a little star struck and silly at the aforementioned high school reunion. In fact, Lucifer was the responsible one at the reunion, if you can believe it! She also divulged to Lucifer that she didn’t go to her high school prom and was a little bummed out about it. At least this reunion gave her the opportunity to get some of that high school drama experience in her life before going back to being a full-fledged responsible adult. Oh, and I should also mention that Lucifer threw Chloe a prom at Lux! Well, not in the sense that it was filled with people and a DJ and such, but he did buy her a corsage and they slow danced while confetti slowly fell from the ceiling. How absolutely dreamy and way better than any real-life prom. I’m not going to lie, I’m torn between giddy and jealous at this beautiful dreamy moment.

Favorite Quote

  • “Well, I like our partnership much better where you do all the work and I’m the fun, irresponsible one.” (Lucifer)