“One In, One Out” by We Are Scientists

The Who: We Are Scientists (Brooklyn, NY)

The What: Hey Keith Murray….Chris Cain: what’s up, guys? So nice to see We Are Scientists again! Yeah, we hear that you’re sitting on a monster new album of bangers called Megaplex. Comes out on April 27th? Can’t wait, but in the meantime, we’re really digging the shiny groove and indie synth of the first single, “One In, One Out,” and its video that Jed Mitchell directed. Kind of Max Headroom-y, you know? What can you tell us about the video, Keith?

“When Jed explained the VR aspect to us, we thought it was going to be our chance to step outside of our corporeal bondage, to enter a world where natural laws have no place, where our abilities would be unchecked by physics or even by morality, where we could live like gods and wantonly slake our every unholy thirst. Turns out, he just wanted us to perform our song, which was fun, too.”

Looks like they’ll have to save the wanton thirst-slaking for the next video.


The Where: Once Megaplex is released into the wild, look out because We Are Scientists are coming to drop musical fun bombs on you with The Megaplexpedition tour. So keep up with all things We Are Scientists via their official website, Facebook page and at @WeAreScientists on Twitter.