Lucifer: My Brother’s Keeper

Lucifer: My Brother’s Keeper | Season 3, Episode 14 | Rating: 8/11 |

Ella (Aimee Garcia) Photo: Jordin Althaus/Fox)

Growing up I had a fair amount of friends with siblings, but I was fortunate enough to be an only child: this meant that I never had to keep score, watch my back, or keep a running list of offenses perpetrated against me by the other to be used at a later date for my own benefit. But I imagine things are a bit different when it comes to Lucifer. I mean he has an all-knowing father and a fellow celestial brother (so you can’t really lord anything over his head), but things do get messy in the realm of brothers this week on Lucifer. How messy? Well, you can decide…

Things are not looking so good for Ella’s older brother, Jay. He seems to be involved in some sketchy business dealing involving diamonds and he happens to be a prime suspect in the murder of a diamond thief. Not one to be dissuaded from her own convictions, Ella maintains the steady refrain of “There must be another guy” despite the fact that she had to hire Maze to help find her brother, in the first place, and he was clearly at the crime scene. Oh, and did I mention that he was staying in a shady motel and took a swing at Maze with a baseball bat? Yeah, there’s nothing weird about that at all.

But it turns out that Ella was, in fact, correct: her brother wasn’t a murderer, he was just caught in the middle of diamond heist/insurance scam. Ella wasn’t made fully aware of how bad her supposed “good” older brother was though thanks to Lucifer. Lucifer caught Jay going back for the stolen diamonds and swore to Jay that neither himself or Jay would tell Ella the full extent of his bad behavior as it would kill Ella’s faith and Lucifer wasn’t going to let that happen. Can we all take a moment to recognize the awesome big brother moment that just happened? Sometimes the best family is the kind you make, right?

Chloe (Lauren German) & Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) Photo: Jordin Althaus/Fox

Meanwhile, Lucifer is hoping to get Amenadiel in on the whole “let’s help kill Cain” business because Amenadiel is the geeky brother, but Amenadiel is being far from helpful. He flat out refuses to help in any way, shape or form because Cain has the mark for a reason and is serving out his punishment for his crime as God intended and there’s no reason to mess about with that. This stings Lucifer because he thought they had made some progress as brothers and probably expected Amenadiel to chose to help him over obeying the wishes of the ever-present but never directly involved father. At least Lucifer and Cain can relate via the mutual dislike of their brothers. At least for the moment.

At Odds:

Thanks to Lucifer letting slip that Amenadiel is the favorite son, Cain deduces that it must have been Amenadiel who put the mark upon him that cursed him. This leads Cain to confront Amenadiel at Lux and while Amenadiel admits to giving Cain the mark, he says he was only the messenger. This leads to an epic brawl between the two (after Cain cleared out the bar by shooting a gun into the air) that absolutely decimates Lux. From getting shot to impaled with a jagged broken bottle, Cain and Amenadiel keep fighting. To quote Cain, “Don’t think a little death is going to stop me.” Just when things are at an absolute peak, Cain is impaled on a spike and throws some serious shade at Amenadiel for trying and failing to do exactly what Cain did to his brother. If you need a quick refresher, for the longest time Amenadiel tried to get Lucifer back to Hell and was desperate enough to try and kill him – by way of someone else – to get Lucifer back “home.” Cain aptly points out that what Amenadiel did was worse because he didn’t have the guts to do it himself and he asks what Amenadiel deserves for his actions. Totally stung but completely in denial, Amenadiel maintains that they are nothing alike. Upon returning to Lux, Lucifer wants to know what happened to his bar and Amenadiel with the colorful phrase, “Bloody hell. What does the other guy look like?” To which Amenadiel replies, “Immortal.”

Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) Photo: Jordin Althaus/Fox

Getting Help:

Charlotte Richards is looking for a therapist and, thanks to Lucifer, she goes to visit Dr. Linda. What Charlotte doesn’t know/remember is that while Lucifer and Amenadiel’s mom occupied her body, she nearly killed Dr. Linda. Before. Not even five minutes into her session, Dr. Linda (who is obviously terrified) says she can’t help Charlotte, but we can’t help but feel a little bad for Charlotte because she obviously feels like she’s beyond any kind of help or hope. After confronting Lucifer about recommending Charlotte see her, Dr. Linda gains some new perspective on the whole matter. Not only is Dr. Linda the best and able to help Charlotte, she’s holding Charlotte responsible for something she didn’t actually do. Dr. Linda goes to Charlotte’s office and after a quick chat between the two, Charlotte realizes that she hurt Dr. Linda when she was not herself. Dr. Linda agrees to treat Charlotte, however, she does prick Charlotte just to make sure she bleeds blood and not the light of all creation. Not mad at her.

Favorite Quotes:

  • Yes, yes, you hate living forever cause you can’t see how much fun it is. I’ll never understand you.” (Lucifer)
  • “Ah, the diamond industry. Truly the greatest trick someone other than me played on the world.” (Lucifer)