“Harvey Talk” By the Scared Crows

The Who: The Scared Crows (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: After the year that was 2017, we (the human race) have much to think about, reconcile and resolve when it comes to how we treat one another and, because of that, one shouldn’t be too surprised if art (in its various and powerful forms) in 2018 has a tendency to reflect as much.

Los Angeles rock band The Scared Crows (Tyler Forrest, Buddy Brown and Justin Kroger) went there with their song and video, “Harvey Talk.”  Went there a little uncomfortably, which may make it a difficult watch, but they went there with a purpose and perspective:

“We live in a society of assholes where people use their status to manipulate and exploit others sexually.” said Tyler Forrest. “It’s disgusting how common this is and even more so how it goes covered up. It’s taboo to even talk about it. We wanted show the world that we’re not afraid to expose the truth. This happens everyday in every industry. More importantly, we want to teach a lesson. I hope when people watch this video and hear this song they will feel what it’s like to be both the victim and the perpetrator. This is a brutally honest interpretation of what happens in that room and I hope I can save someone the humiliation down the road.”

Here’s to a better state of human being.

The Where: You can learn more about The Scared Crows via the usual suspects such as their Facebook page and at @TheScaredCrows on Twitter.