Lucifer: The City of Angels?

Lucifer: The City of Angels? | Season 3, Episode 11 | Rating: 8/11 |


Ever wonder what happened to make Lucifer want to stay in Los Angeles and abandon his post as Master of Hell? Well, we discover that and a little bit more in the first new episode on the first day of the New Year. Welcome to another stand-alone episode of Lucifer and it goes a little something like this….

It’s 2011 and Lucifer just popped up to Los Angeles from Hell and he looks like he’s walked out of the 70’s or Las Vegas. He’s in LA to have some fun when Amenadiel shows up to take him back to Hell. Ever the deviant, Lucifer asks for a little more time to fool around before going back and Amenadiel obliges being the good brother that he is made to be. The problem arises when Amenadiel overhears the murder of a MMA fighter by the name of Aiden Scott and is subsequently mugged and shot for being close by. Now, Amenadiel first goes to the police station where a patrol officer by the name of Chloe Decker takes down his info about his missing necklace: she proves to be less than helpful for Amenadiel but it also doesn’t really help when his picture of the attacker resembles a Jack O Lantern. The obvious next step is for Amenadiel to ask his brother for assistance seeing as how Lucifer spends more time with humans, anyway. Lucifer is reluctant to oblige with the missing necklace problem, but later comes around when he recognizes a pair of breasts standing next to the dead guy during a news broadcast.


Chloe Decker

Meanwhile, a detective by the name of Dan Espinoza caught a body and called his wife, Chloe Decker, to tell her he wasn’t going to make dinner. The weird thing was, the dead body is right where Amenadiel told Chloe he was mugged. She decides to take some initiative so she can work up to being a detective. The rest of the episode passes with both teams Chloe and Dan and Lucifer and Amenadiel working in a parallel fashion and somewhat in tandem to catch the guy who killed the dead guy, with obviously different motives. Chloe and Dan approach the case in a more outside fashion whereas Lucifer and Amenadiel seem to get into the middle of it by way of fighting in this underground fight scene. By the end, both pairs are staking out the place where the guy with the most motive for the crime will show up and – seeing as how Lucifer and Amenadiel are celestial beings – they, obviously, get to him first. The guy confesses and Amenadiel can now get his necklace back so they dump the guy where they picked up him and now Dan and Chloe can arrest him for murder. It probably helps that Lucifer scared him with his devil face so the guy is already confessing to his sin. Case closed!


Amenadiel & Lucifer (and a chicken)


Hello, Los Angeles

It seems that Lucifer makes fairly regular trips up to hang out with humans every so many decades and he clearly enjoys his time amongst humanity. It’s hard to say what part about it he enjoys most but, as this particular episode unfolds, it’s clear he doesn’t want to go back to Hell. In order to help Amenadiel find his missing necklace, Lucifer makes a deal where Amenadiel must grant him a yet-to-be-named favor in return for his services and Amenadiel agrees. This comes to bite him in the butt when Lucifer says that the favor he’s requested is for Amenadiel to leave him here on earth. Father won’t be too pleased but that seems to be the entire point. Between having porn star Misty Canyons (Taylor Black) tell Lucifer moving to Los Angeles is the ultimate rebellion and total freedom and Amenadiel mischaracterizing Lucifer as the guy who tortures and someone who is evil and equal to criminals, Lucifer decides Los Angeles is now his home and everyone else can screw off. After Lucifer made this decision and Amenadiel left, he had Mazikeen cut off his wings on the beach and he became an angel no more.


Misty Canyons & Lucifer



  • Lucifer brought Mazikeen up from Hell to help torture a guy for information. Instead, she had sex with (the guy, not Lucifer) and got him to spill. She also used to wear more armor.
  • We find out how Lucifer came to own his car.
  • It appears that Lucifer’s bar was a former shady place for underground fights.
  • They play music from someone named Bieber in Hell to torture people. Apparently there’s a lot of screaming.
  • We see Charlotte in her heyday of defending bad guys but for such a high powered defense attorney, she gets outsmarted by Chloe, who isn’t even a detective yet. I guess pride comes before the fall.


  • “Why are there holes in your dress?” (Amenadiel to Lucifer) / “It’s a robe!” (Lucifer to Amenadiel)
  • “I’m sorry, why are there holes in your dress?” (Lucifer after Amenadiel gets shot and has come to him for some help)
  • “You know me brother, I can turn anything on” (Lucifer re: how he got his car)
  • “You identified a human by her boobs?” (Amenadiel)
  • “Plan is to get a drink. I can’t think when I’m sober” (Lucifer)