“Lost In The Sun” By Joe Marson

The Who: Joe Marson (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: While it never seems so in the time, more often than not, some of our darkest moments tend to wind up bearing a beneficial light. A perfect and perfectly simple example is Joe Marson’s new video for his song, “Lost in the Sun” from his Electric Soul Magic, Vol. II EP. While the song, itself, is the result of a six-year stretch of Marson’s life where he dealt with a crippling level of depression, its video is a culmination of some of the better things that life has to offer: art, collaboration and community.

“This video was completely friend made…” Marson says. “I lived in an artist community called Upstart at the time and all the cast and crew were housemates who were passionate about the song and the message. The entire shoot was done with zero budget and was just a culmination of some generous donations of equipment and locations. I am very proud of the ambiguousness and subtlety we captured in the performances because we didn’t want to be too ‘on the nose’ or cliche with the theme of depression.”

The Where: You can find out more about Joe Mason and his music via all of the usual suspects: his official website, Facebook page and at @JoeMarsonMusic on Twitter.