Lucifer: The Sinnerman

Lucifer: The Sinnerman | Season 3, Episode 9 | Rating: 8/11 |

The Sinnerman finally comes out into the open on this week’s episode of Lucifer and he’s taking shots directly at our favorite handsome devil. Our dead bodies of the week are people whom Lucifer has previously given favors to. The first is Joey Pilligi, a younger guy who wanted to be in the mob and the second is Frida Marquez, who wanted to be a hair stylist to the stars. Both were killed by way of two shots to the chest, but with some added touches specific to what they did in life. The Sinnerman’s thirst to punish is really strong and he’s pissing Lucifer off but the Sinnerman gets the drop on him by way of calls from phone numbers Lucifer thinks are telemarketers but is actually the Sinnerman and when Lucifer goes to meet the Sinnerman for a face to face, he walks right into a trap. Lucifer has been lured to an abandoned slaughterhouse and locked in a cooler where he’s faced with a camera, a television and the Sinnerman on the screen wearing dark glasses in order to prevent Lucifer from performing his desire trick. Oh and the Sinnerman knows that Lucifer is, in fact, the devil and has made sure the room had some reinforced steel behind it so he can’t just shove his way out. Tricky dude. Thankfully, Maze tracked down Lucifer because she’s got a bone to pick with him, but she won’t let him out until he actually listens to her. Lucifer offers her some sage and uncharacteristically sane advice before running off after the Sinnerman.

Now, you’d think that since the Sinnerman has hidden in the shadows for so long that he would stay safely in the shadows. Well, he doesn’t. In fact, he takes a trip to a restaurant that Detective Chloe Decker and Lieutenant Marcus Pierce are staking out. Chloe thinks that the mob guys that Joey worked for will want revenge on the Sinnerman and track him down and she can follow them to him. Too bad that the Sinnerman flipped the narrative and showed up to the restaurant. Fortunately she was able to recognize him thanks to a call from Lucifer, who gave a description of the Sinnerman that he came face to television screen with at the slaughterhouse. Eventually the Sinnerman gets caught by Lt. Pierce and brought into custody, but once Lucifer arrives on the scene, he’s unable to talk to the Sinnerman. And that’s too bad because while the Sinnerman was getting checked out by the EMTs, he stole a scalpel… which he subsequently used to gouge out his own eyes while at the station just before Lucifer could get the opportunity to work his magic on him. Now none of us will ever know for sure what the Sinnerman truly desires.


Ever since Lt. Pierce saved Chloe’s life and, subsequently, complimented her after being such a hard ass, she’s got a bit of a crush. Not that she’s sharing this crush with anyone, not even Ella who saw it coming a mile away. This crush isn’t helped out when Chloe walks into Lt. Pierce’s office to find he’s in the middle of changing his shirt and we all can’t help but notice his body. I mean…. Things are weird between them throughout the entire episode. Chloe has asked for a personal day, Lt. Pierce said he would “take it under advisement” which hardly a “yes” and then he also shows up to her the mob guys stake out on his motorcycle and with food. Be still my heart! After calling out the tension between them by way of Lt. Pierce saying, “Out with it Decker. Either I have food in my teeth or there’s something you want to say to me,” they share some stories. It turns out that the Sinnerman killed Lt. Pierce’s brother, so the case is really personal to him. Chloe shares about catching her dad’s killer and there’s some definite bonding. She doesn’t even share this stuff with Lucifer, so you know things are running deep between them. I never thought I’d be okay with Chloe and someone else, but I’m very much on board with this pair.

Unlikely Friends

After Dr. Linda’s whole meltdown when she had to make funeral arrangements for her ex-husband, she’s also had some real bonding time with Amenadiel. He just happened to walk in at the wrong time but ended up being there to help her through the process. In fact, the two are downright chummy and awfully close while chatting in Dr. Linda’s office. Just as things are starting to look like they might be going somewhere, Maze arrives and isn’t too happy about their level of friendliness. Maze thought that Dr. Linda and Amenadiel were about to bone and she might have been right. We do see Amenadiel and Dr. Linda share a kiss – about which she says is a mistake – but then they kiss again. We don’t really know what happened after that point but Dr. Linda assures Maze (with a slightly guilty face) that she doesn’t have anything to worry about between her and Amenadiel. Maze is feeling left out after some time away and since Amenadiel is her ex (and one of her many ex-sexual partners) and Dr. Linda, is her best friend, she just doesn’t want them getting together. I mean, that falls within the regular rules of the Girl Code. Personally, I wonder how Amenadiel feels about kissing a human vs. a demon.

New Life, New Strife

Charlotte Richards, former high powered defense attorney and newly appointed prosecutor for the DA’s office, is eager to get her toes wet in her new job as well as eager to make her ledger white instead of red. No one apart from Ella knew about her change in status and are really surprised when she showed up. Charlotte is practically chomping at the bit to be helpful, but seems to have some issues with letting go of some old habits. They do die hard, after all. At one point she goes with Chloe to chat with the mob guys, overly excited to be helpful and incredibly disappointed when she fails. She’s even more upset to find out that Chloe expected her to fail and didn’t let her in on the real reason for the meeting. That reason was to get them to find the Sinnerman and then follow them to him. Chloe explains that Charlotte has a ways to go before gaining her trust considering the person that she used to be, but she’s heading in the right direction. A dejected Charlotte has a breakdown in the bathroom at the precinct, but gets some incredibly thoughtful and helpful advice from Dan. He tells her that no one expects her to change overnight and what matters is that she doesn’t quit trying. He even admitted to making mistakes, himself, and moving past them. It was sweet moment, plus he was kind of enough to not point out the fact that Charlotte was actually in the men’s room. What a doll.

Bits and Bobs

  • Dr. Linda has a whole lotta questions now that she’s decided being a celestial insider isn’t so bad. She asked Lucifer how angels work, how they get their powers, do their powers shape who they are or is it the other way around? So many questions, she has. She never really gets a concrete answer, just that Lucifer’s powers suit him because that’s who he is yet everything is God given.
  • Lucifer does tease Dr. Linda by telling her they all get sorted according to their powers. Sadly, there is no Hogwarts in the sky.
  • I would love Lucifer’s skill of breaking into anywhere. Not that I would ever do anything bad, but it would be a nice skill to have handy.
  • I love Maze’s new hair. I wonder how long she’s going to rock that do.

Favorite Quotes

  • “It made me feel like beating the crap out of him, or at least throwing rocks at cars. But, you know I didn’t.” (Maze when seeing Amenadiel and Dr. Linda being chummy)
  • “So you don’t want him, but nobody else can have him? That’s awfully greedy of you Maze.” (Lucifer discussing Maze’s feelings about Amenadiel. And also very typical of most any woman about her ex)
  • “Come on, open up! I have got places to go and people to hurt!” (Lucifer)