#TourHappens With…The Beaches

They’re a new wave of lady rock following in the footsteps of those who have come before like The Runaways, Elastica and Band of Skulls. I’m talking about the Toronto foursome, the Beaches, who are sisters Jordan Miller (vox/bass) and Kylie Miller (lead guitar) along with Eliza Enman McDaniel (drums) and Leandra Earl (keys/guitar). Still in their teens and with their debut album, Late Show, released on October 13th, here’s the sound of a little youthful rebellion, attitude, and girl power to the tune of fuzzy guitars.

Oh, and their song “Give It Up” has found its way into one of this season’s episodes of a show that we love because of it’s badass musical choices: the ABC hit, Lucifer.

The Beaches have been running around on tour with fellow Canadians Death From Above (again sans the 1979), and because touring is hard work, we asked Jordan to give us a little insight on the do’s and do not’s of life on the road because tour happens…

Tour Do’s

  1. Stay clean. Shower (if you’re like me, take bubble baths) every day. I do this every night, even if I’m trashed or in desperate need of sleep.
  2. Try to eat healthy. God, I sound like a mom, but seriously – healthy and real food can be a hard find on the road. If you see a salad place or a Whole Foods, go there; you may not see one for a while.
  3. If you have a day off, DO your laundry and make sure you dry your clothes.
  4. If you have mostly clean clothes, then go for a walk. Most of the time you spend on tour is in the car, or in a smelly venue with a bunch of gross dudes. Go get fresh air and much needed exercise. Your bum could use it, and you may find something cool and fun on your walk.
  5. Make playlists: one for the day (that’s chill – so you can sleep) and one for the night (that’s hype so your driver doesn’t fall asleep).
  6. Take pictures and videos.
  7. Use Yelp.
  8. Remember to fill your car up with gas.

Tour Do Not’s

  1. Do not be a bitch. Well… try your best not to be a bitch.
  2. Do not eat McDonald’s breakfast every single morning.
  3. Do not wear your shoes in the car, air out your feet.. they need it (though the other passengers could probably do without the smell).
  4. Do not eat a Zebra Cake. Ever.
  5. Do not go to sleep with a face covered in makeup.
  6. Do not EVER go to White Castle. Harold and Kumar lied. It’s terrible.
  7. Do not drink all the beer on your rider.


And if you follow these guidelines, the best case result will be a good nights on stage. Exhibit A:

The Beaches @ Novo, Los Angeles: November 15, 2017 (Photo Credit: ZB Images)


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