Outlander: Uncharted

Outlander: Uncharted | Season 3, Episode 11 | Rating: 9/11 |

Do you ever get so lost in a story it feels like it’s real? As in it’s currently happening in your life and part of your surroundings? That’s exactly how Outlander engulfs me every week and Uncharted was no exception as this week’s hour-long episode flew by in an instant.

The first 15 minutes are reminiscent of Tom Hanks’ Cast Away. All of the survival skills required as Claire washes up in an unknown location with no sign of civilization. She wakes up covered in ants after the first night (ew!) and then wakes up to a python slithering across her body after the second night (OH HELL NO!). She’s desperately in search of water, stalking large leaves for traces of dew or perhaps residual water leftover from a recent rain. And when Claire is finally rescued/taken in by Father Fogden, we met our Wilson (the volleyball Tom Hanks befriends). You see Father Fogden, for who knows why, has befriended a coconut he’s named Coco. Coco guides Father Fogden in his daily life decisions. The conversations are, interesting. And also a bit reminiscent of The Mighty Boosh episode The Nightmare of Milky Joe (without the musical numbers).

By strange fortune, Father Fogden’s wife Ermenegilda discovers shipwrecked sailors on the beach and thanks to Ermenegilda’s mention of the chinaman Claire realizes it must be Mr Willoughby and Jamie must be amongst them! Sprinting off in the direction of the beach, Claire arrives just after Jamie and crew have returned to the Artemis. Claire pulls a mirror out of her pocket to catch the sunlight and signals Jamie. He notices, grabs a spyglass to investigate this signal and promptly hops on a boat to head to shore to reunite with his wife.

The Rule of Threes

Claire’s medical knowledge saves the day again. What’s great about these moments in Outlander is Claire always explains why a herb or a particular instrument works in greater detail. Instead of just watching Claire rummage around the jungle, we hear in voice over about her recall of the rule of threes. Humans can survive three minutes without air, three days without water and three weeks without food.

Anybody remember NBC’s The More You Know campaign (their long-standing public service initiative)? Watch enough Outlander and you too may be able to survive a trip to the 1700s as a healer. Thanks Claire!

A Joyous Celebration

After some ship damage, the loss of some crew and the news of warrants haunting Jamie’s arrival in Jamaica, Jamie suggests the men need something to celebrate. His idea? A wedding.

Father Fogden helps by officiating Fergus & Marsali’s wedding. But the joy seems to carryover until they are all back on the ship as Claire gets a little frisky after eating some turtle soup. This is one of THE scenes Outlander fans have been waiting for since filming commenced on Season Three, but it’s rudely placed in the final moments of this week’s episode and therefore cut short from the book details. Plus Claire never meets Lawrence Stern on Hispaniola, so instead of an interruption by Mr Stern we find Mr Willoughby at the door.

Nonetheless it was amusing to see a drunken Claire barely able to stand on her feet and eager to bed her husband (Caitriona Balfe does an amazing job here). It was equally amusing to watch Jamie try to resist his primal urges and instead nurse his sick wife. Maybe when Season Three box set comes out there will be an extended Turtle Soup scene, fingers crossed!