“Thorns” By Lo Moon

The Who: Lo Moon (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: When Matt Lowell, Crisanta Baker and Sam Stewart of Lo Moon quietly released a glacial and pristinely gorgeous 7-minute opus titled “Loveless” last September, it was a shock to the system – the listening system – with all of it’s heady emotional maturity, and intimate pull. We were into it and them and their debut album (due in 2018) is absolutely on our “Can’t wait” list.

Fast forward to this, the new video for their third single, “Thorns.” Tasked with crafting a visual accompniment, director Tarik Karam’s feel and vision was quite specific. “When I heard the song, I immediately fell in love with the idea of taking an entire relationship – from its birth – and compressing it to the length of a 4 minute song.” Karam shares. “The song has this incredible ability to be both full of love and desire but also sad and mournful. I felt that using split screens to allow us to see multiple stages of a relationship would convey a similar powerful juxtaposition.”

The translation – or rather the interpretation – is as divided as it symbiotic. And we’re into that, as well.

The Where: Lo Moon have tour dates running through December with London Grammar, the War On Drugs, and Jeff Tweedy and Aimee Mann so check out their tour dates on their official web site. You can also keep up with them via Facebook and at @LoMoon on Twitter.