Lucifer: Chloe Does Lucifer

Lucifer: Chloe Does Lucifer | Season 3, Episode 8 | Rating: 9/11

Is our Lucifer beginning to settle down with Detective Chloe Decker? No, not really; we just catch him playing a casual game of Monopoly with Chloe and her daughter, Trixie. Lucifer is struggling with finding the right token to represent him and after mistaking the thimble for a shot glass he decided he would rather be the classy top hat than the lowly shoe. Lucifer is in for a rather rude awakening when his ideas of who belongs in which category clash with the actual truth of the matter.

We meet Kim Jones, a rather boring beige gal who is the victim of blunt force trauma. Clearly, she’s a shoe. This shoe, however, managed to hack her way into a dating app for elite people called Top Meet but was subsequently kicked off when other users complained about her. This information is according to a guy by the name of Mack Slater, who is the CEO of Top Meet and is the one who got into a yelling match with our “psycho” (according to him) dead gal. However, Kim managed to match with a guy before her untimely death and they even went out on a date. Who is this guy? His name is Benji and he actually had some history with Kim’s roommate, Esther. Esther is also on Top Meet and is one of those insta-celebs or something of the sort: you know, always composing and posing and posting the perfect picture. It turns out Benji actually preferred our shoe Kim, to our top hat Esther because he felt like he could be himself around her instead of always having to be “on.” I guess it’s tough to be a DJ (said no one, ever).

So, if her roomie didn’t do it and Benji didn’t do it, who did it? That would be Mack Slater who was the face of Top Meet while Kim was the one who actually created the app. Mack was raking in the cash and fame from the app, but Kim wanted to expand the app to make it more inclusive and take back control of her company. Mack got mad about it (like any ego driven guy) and killed Kim to keep control of a company that’s not his. Thankfully, Chloe and Lucifer managed to nab him together and Mack gets to go away for a long while. The lesson learned here is that people aren’t always who they seem. The big wig CEO dude was just a face and Esther was just another insta-phony. It turns out the shoe was the much more interesting and honest person. I bet you can guess which Monopoly token Lucifer stole after this case.

Flirting Fail

When we first found out that Kim went out with a Top Meet guy before she died, all that the cops had to go on was a photo of some beautiful blue eyes, a description of some interests from the user but no name. So Chloe decides to go undercover at a Top Meet party to try and identify the guy we now know as Benji. However, Chloe would be amongst the upper elite which – save for Lucifer – is a group of people she is wholly unfamiliar with. Upon spotting this trouble, Lucifer takes it upon himself to coach Chloe in the ways of the elite. Things start out with some dolls at Chloe’s house and then progress to role-play. Chloe fails miserably at capturing the essence of a female Lucifer (aka: Lucinda) and the ways of the upper elite peeps. Game day is upon us and Lucifer insists Chloe wear an earpiece so that he can coach her through it. The undercover op starts as an absolute and massive fail when Chloe pulls out Lucinda but she is dressed amazingly, so there’s that. After two failed attempts at being someone else (and making me feel better about myself in the process) the detective smartens up and decides to ditch the earpiece and just be herself. To quote Chloe, “being who you really are is never a bad idea.” Sage advice, indeed.

Helping Hands

There are a few people who need some guidance in this episode. First, Dr. Linda is dealing with the death of her ex-husband. She’s not sure what those funeral details should be and she seems to be going a little off the deep end. Enter Amenadiel. He’s just the kind of calm dude to help Dr. Linda sort her stuff out and her baggage includes feeling bad about not feeling bad that he died. This internal guilt coupled with her insider’s view on life, death, Heaven, Hell, and so on cause her to take out some frustration on Amenadiel and she not only says that “being a celestial insider sucks,” but she wishes she never met any of them. Of course, she doesn’t really mean this and Amenadiel helps give her some new perspective with her new knowledge.

Another person in need this week is Charlotte Richards. She’s the former high powered attorney who went on a minor sabbatical to Hell when Lucifer’s mother took over her body. Charlotte is trying to find ways to be a better person and make sure that she doesn’t go back to Hell. She’s clung on to some words forensic specialist Ella said to her a few episodes back about “seeing a darkness” inside Charlotte. Well, Charlotte wants it gone and who better to help her than the always happy and bubbly Ella? Ella is none too thrilled about the idea and tries to evade her as best she can. But Charlotte is so intent upon forcing herself on Ella that she creates a phony “forensic shadow program” just so she has an excuse to be around her. Of course, Ella figures it out and calls out Charlotte for lying: Not such a good start to trying to be good. But Charlotte did do one good thing: She’s the one who found the contract where Mack was listed as CEO and Kim  the founder of Top Meet. Granted, Charlotte stole the contract but she did a bad thing for the right reason, so that’s progress. Another step in a positive direction for Charlotte is that she will now be working in the DA’s office prosecuting criminals instead of trying to get them off. More progress!


  • “I want to conquer real estate not men’s socks.”  (Lucifer)
  • “It’s a security thing. Worked for that Home Alone kid but obviously you can’t take a hint.” – (Lucifer to Amenadiel when Amenadiel catches the party raging but no one is home)

Favorite Quote:

  • “I’m so good at flipping men they call me ‘The Skillet’.”  (Lucifer)