Press Play With Slum Sociable

I think that we can all acknowledge the fact that Australia has never had a shortage of quality music makers which it’s been kind enough to share with the rest of the world. INXS, Jet, AC/DC, Sia, Tame Impala, Silverchair (RIP), Olivia Newton John…the Bee Gees. Oh yeah. Australia, you’ve been good to us.

Melbourne natives Miller Upchurch and Edward Quinn of Slum Sociable seem to be of the same mind. The duo traffics in an unusually cool, jazzed up slice of indie electronica shaded with equal parts dark and light and it’s damned good stuff: see their songs “Castle” and “Moby Bryant” for endearing soulful sonic trips of proof. And, apparently, they also find their fellow countrymen and women to be solid sources of musical pleasure because Edward curated a very particular Spotify playlist of songs from some of their favorite Australian artists that he thinks you to know about. So cue it up, press PLAY and lean into some fellow local Aussies who have garnered Slum Sociable’s respect.

King Gizard and the Lizard Wizard – “Rolling Stoned”

“I love how disconcerting that moment at the 39 second mark is. It kind of makes you check your listening device to make sure it’s not malfunctioning. These guys are on another level, and this album is easily my favourite of theirs.”

(SIDEBAR: Holy cow can I attest to the 39 second mark-thing, Edward. I was very confused.)

Leroy Francis – “Carry Me”

“This song reminds me a lot of Deerhunter. Love the ‘Carry Me’ husky hook in the chorus. Big things expected from this bloke.”

The Creases – “Is It Love”

“I’ve seen these guys live so much and they ALWAYS bring a show. Love his Julian Cassablancas-type voice, too.”

Teischa – “Midnight Hour”

“Just an incredible voice. Really looking forward to having her on our shows around Australia in December.”

DD Dumbo – “King Franco Picasso”

“The drumming that kicks in at 1.27 is just so inspiring. The instrumentation in this track/all of his tracks is so fucking cool, also.”

Exhibitionist – “Hands”

“There’s a lot of Thom Yorke about the groove in this track. The swelling synths are so nice too. Really excited to see what she does next.”

Gang of Youths – “Let Me Down Easy”

“Just listen to it. Come on.”


Slum Sociable’s self-titled album is due out on November 24th but get a taste of what’s in store with their latest single, “A Hearing.”


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