Lucifer: Vegas With Some Radish

Lucifer: Vegas With Some Radish | Season 3, Episode 6 | Rating: 9/11

So what the devil does our favorite devil get up to when he visits Las Vegas? Oh, nothing much except for solving a murder: You know, the usual stuff. What brought him to Vegas in the first place? I’m glad you asked. Lucifer got a call from the Vegas police department about Candy. Remember her? In case you don’t, she’s Lucifer’s wife. Well, ex-wife who is missing and he’s still listed as her husband because, apparently, an annulment for something that lasted only two weeks takes a year. So, naturally, you’d think he’d go to Vegas with Detective Chloe Decker but you’d be so very wrong. He did, however, ditch her on her birthday, which is a very sore spot for the detective, but I’ll talk more about that later. Actually, it’s Ella who tagged along with Lucifer; she had a few days off coming up and she basically talked her way into joining Lucifer in Vegas. I’m still not really sure how she managed it.

What happens next is a mix between finding a few dead people and unhashing the story to Ella of how he met Candy and – subsequently – why he ran away to Vegas in the first place. We all remember why that was, but in case you need a refresher, he was getting emotionally closer to Chloe than comfortable only to find out that dear old dad put her in his path by way of Amenadiel. She’s a special/blessed gal and can’t control her feelings for Lucifer, so to protect her, he ran from her. I guess that makes sense.

The short version of how Candy and Lucifer met is that she conned him in a club by way of lifting his cash and a ring right off his finger. He broke into her place (as Lucifer does) to get his ring back and she unloads this story onto him about needing $300k to keep her now dead dad’s club from a nasty loan shark or else she will lose the club. He, in turn, shares his story about the detective. They bond over taking drastic measures for the things they care about and solve both of their problems by Lucifer paying off her debt in return for Candy playing wife. I should mention that the sharing between the two of them was over wine straight from the bottle and mint chip ice cream while Lucifer was in a snuggie. It was rather like a pair of girlfriends after a terrible day.

But back to present day…

Signs pointed to Candy being shot and killed at her apartment but, thankfully, she was not; it was a friend that was staying with her. After a few shenanigans from Lucifer and Ella by way of breaking into the now dead loan shark’s place, trying to suss out a potential killer at a casino and consequently getting kicked out, they run into Candy. Together, the three of them figure out a way to draw out the killer. It’s an amazing show at the club with Lucifer singing “Luck Be A Lady” and, man, does he do it well. The showgirls are now The Morningstars and Ella is making her showgirl debut. She must be wearing some massive heels to stack up to those ladies.

So the baddie was the bartender with a gambling problem who wanted the deed to the club in order to sell the land because he owed big. There’s a lovely little mirror trick to make him think he was seeing Candy from beyond plus we got a fresh reminder of Lucifer’s immortality when the bartender failed to shoot and kill him but, still, no devil face. Too bad. But the case gets all wrapped up nice and neat so Lucifer and Ella can head back home, once he gets her flirting butt away from the lead Vegas detective.

But It’s My Birthday

So Lucifer bailed and ran to Vegas without telling Chloe, on her birthday no less. She’s clearly upset that he left her because, you know, they are friends and it’s her birthday. After nosing around at Dr. Linda’s place to find out where he went because he wasn’t at Lux, they both decide to crash his penthouse. After striking out and realizing that she should celebrate her birthday instead of being worked up about Lucifer, Chloe and Dr. Linda decide to stay at his place for the killer views and top shelf booze. Needless to say they both get pretty hammered and after some Risky Business-style fun, there is a brief amount of sobering up when 1) Lucifer called the good doctor and told her he was on a quick trip to Vegas (which freaked them out because they were just talking about him) and 2) Chole heard him call someone ravishing (it was Ella, by the way) even though Linda tried to pass it off as radishes. Anyway, Chloe wants to leave because she’s feeling stupid feelings and doesn’t know why. Dr. Linda suggests that she hasn’t dealt with these feelings from the last time Lucifer went to Vegas. Thank you Dr. Linda for being ever so wise. After stumbling around trying to find her pants, Chloe finds a safe behind some art she knocked down and after failing to guess the combo (666 and 8008 didn’t work), she calls Dan to help break in. Yes, he fails but, thankfully, he came packing Spackle to fix the brick he just drilled into. Lucifer returns home to find Dr. Linda and Dan passed out on the couch and Chloe in his bed. He confesses where he was and why he didn’t tell her. I’m sure his confession came because he thought she was asleep but, of course, she wasn’t. Chloe “wakes up” as Lucifer is opening the safe and he reveals her birthday present: It’s a necklace made with the bullet she had first shot him with. Awwwww. Touching moments all around!

Vegas, Baby

We all knew Ella has some kind of weird affinity/disgust for Vegas. Apparently she and that city don’t mix and obviously something not good happened there. Ella proves to be a bit of a savant when she identifies a particular slot machine jingle over the phone with the knowledge of where you can find that particular slot machine. Hidden talents, much? She also impresses us with some lock-picking skills she picked up in…. middle school? The surprises continue when she kicks Lucifer out of his seat at the blackjack table after whispering instructions in his ear and takes over. You can see the girl has some serious focus on the game. Turns out, Ella is amazing at counting cards and it got her banned from the casino years ago. Oops! Another surprise is when Ella tells Lucifer that counting cards was her coping mechanism and it helped with the voices in her head. Ummmm, what?

Other Treats

  • Dan had a really nice birthday cake for Chloe when suddenly a giant fake cake with a bunch of stripper boy cops pops up. Who stole Dan’s thunder? It was Ella. And, boy, can that girl throw some cash around.
  • It seems that Lucifer is more of a poker man even though it involves bluffing, which he does not think is the same thing as lying. Also, bluffing and lying are completely different from selective omission.
  • Ella can speak Pig Latin
  • What’s the reason behind the bullet necklace? Lucifer thought since he will likely never penetrate Chloe, he would commemorate the one time she penetrated him. How weirdly sweet is that?!?


“You smell that? That is pleather, cigars, and vomit my friend.” – Ella

“Miss Lopez, you are an enigma, wrapped in a hoodie under a jaunty ponytail.” – Lucifer

“Hanging out with a cop in Las Vegas is like bringing your grandma to an orgy.” – Lucifer

“Typical Vegas, even the suicide is a fake.” – Lucifer

“So, you fake married Candy to avoid Chloe even though you cared about her? Who’s the enigma now?” – Ella

Favorite Quote: “What sort of casino back room is this anyway? I mean, where’s the dangling light bulb and the bloodstained floor? Where’s Joe Pesci?” – Lucifer