Riverdale: Chapter Fifteen – Nighthawks

Riverdale: Chapter Fifteen – Nighthawks | Season 2, Episode 2 | Rating: 8/11 |

Things are definitely getting all kinds of dark and scary over in Riverdale. We are still dealing with the aftermath of the shooting and even though no one was killed, there are still casualties. The most obvious one would be Pop’s, which has now been adorned with graffiti labeling it a “Death Diner.” Hey now, Fred survived! But if Pop’s was going to have issues after someone got shot there, it’s definitely a ghost town now thanks to the graffiti. Pop’s seems to be on the brink of closure unless something drastic happens to save the place. Leave it to our dear Betty to take up the fight. Despite Archie not wanting to go back there anytime soon, she reminds the gang of all the good things that have happened there. She’s not going to let a dude with a gun ruin everything for them. Gotta love her gusto. The other not so obvious casualty from the shooting is our Archie. No longer is he sleeping in his own bed at night, or sleeping much at all. Instead, he’s opted to stay awake all night to protect his dad from this masked man. What this actually means is that Archie is dozing off on a stool with a clear vantage point of all the doors and a baseball bat in hand. He’s clearly on high alert when he almost bludgeons Jughead, who stopped by after seeing his dad in jail, and when he full on attacks a masked dude outside who happened to be Reggie with the uppers that Archie clearly doesn’t need. Oh, and he’s seeing the masked guy, even when no one is there. You need some help Archie. And some sleep.

Archie gets even more bad news when he hears of Miss Grundy’s murder in her Greendale home whilst at school. After hearing that her murder was declared a “crime of passion” and she was strangled with a cello bow, Archie begins to think that this is personal and he’s the target. Archie urges Sheriff Keller to look into Miss Grundy’s abusive ex-boyfriend and to actually do something about catching this masked guy. It seems that Miss Grundy’s ex has an airtight alibi though and Sheriff Keller assures Archie they are doing everything they can. Sure, we’ve all heard that before.

After a failed attempt of getting help from the mayor, Betty succeeds in getting the River Vixens (and some guys) to help out at Pop’s for a big party to celebrate the place. It’s now graffiti free, clean, and a hoppin’ joint where even the Serpents show up. Even Archie manages to handle his flashbacks and sit with the crew at Pop’s. Win for Betty.

F.P.’s Troubles

Things aren’t looking so good for F.P. He has the choice between a deal that will put him away for 20 years or go to trial and face up to 40 years. Rock and a hard place. Jughead is desperate to help out his dad and turns to the Serpents for help. Thankfully they steer him away from the idea of a jailbreak but instead steer him into the path of Penny Peabody, a Serpent and lawyer. She “does a favor” for Jughead and tells him if he can get the Blossom’s to show forgiveness in the courtroom, F.P. could come away with time served instead that bogus deal. However, pleading his case with the Blossom’s doesn’t go so well when Penelope said she wants F.P. to fry in the electric chair and Cheryl just wants the whole thing to go away; F.P. didn’t show mercy when she was worried about her brother so, why should she show mercy to him? Ummmmm, let’s recap… Cheryl’s dad actually killed her brother; F.P. just hid the body for him and did the cleanup. Yeah, makes total sense. But I digress. Betty decides that this won’t do and confronts Cheryl in the locker room. After threatening to release the video of Clifford shooting Jason, Cheryl caves into Betty’s demand that Cheryl defend F.P. in court. Cheryl even lies under oath and provides F.P. with the extenuating circumstances the judge needs to reconsider sentencing. Stone Cold Bitch Betty (Cheryl’s words) for the win, again. However, F.P. is not thrilled when he finds out Jughead was talking to Penny Peabody and warns Jughead, “you do not want to be in bed with a snake charmer.” Oh dear.

Daddy Issues

Daddy’s home and Veronica is less than thrilled. She’s having no part in this whole “let’s be one big happy family again” business. When she finds out Pop’s is being sold to an “anonymous buyer” (sound familiar?) she confronts her father and accuses him of doing it to win her affection. She’s also sure that he’s behind Fred’s shooting and as a cherry on the milkshake, shows her mother the threatening letter daddy dearest wrote from prison, which threatened Hermione if Veronica didn’t testify on his behalf. Now here’s where things get weird, Hermione says that she wrote the letter threatening herself because she needed Veronica to get in line and help out her dad. Say whaaaaaat?! Veronica storms off, saying that they deserve each other.

But after watching Jughead fight so strongly to help his dad and a deep conversation about fathers and making an effort, she decides to forgive Hiram with the expectation of “total transparency” between all of them. Hiram is grateful for this carrot and “makes a contribution” to Pop’s. What it actually means is that Hiram bought Pop’s and is paying him to keep it quiet. He also thanked Hermione for saying she wrote the letter because Veronica would have never forgiven him. Well, so much for all of that transparency business. Poor Ronnie.

Other Notables

– The Pussycats did a cover of Kelis’ “Milkshake” on the roof of Pop’s. How apropos!

– Josie joined the River Vixens because apparently she doesn’t have enough to do.

– Cheryl joined as a temp Pussycat for the “Milkshake” cover because if Josie can be a River Vixen, Cheryl can be a Pussycat.

– Smithers got replaced by a hot younger model named Andre. Maybe this has something to do with Smithers suggesting Veronica take the side exit to avoid her dad? Either way, he’s currently “helping his sick mother overseas.” Sure, and Andre isn’t there for other reasons like a spy or confidant?

– Betty might have helped the diner but she seems to have also “given crime a haven in Riverdale” with all the drug deals that went outside Pop’s. Thanks to Reggie and some Serpents.

– Archie took Reggie’s advice and opted for a gun instead of a baseball bat. Thanks to Dilton Doiley for providing it for Archie.

– After taking some “jingle jangle” from Reggie, Moose and Midge are making out in a car on a hill when they both get shot. Are they dead? It kind of looks that way. Clearly, our masked man is at it again and the Riverdale police haven’t got a clue.

– Favorite quote comes from Cheryl when seeing Jughead and Betty kissing, “ugh, you two are like chimps in captivity grooming and picking lice off each other.”