Outlander: Freedom & Whisky

Outlander: Freedom & Whisky | Season 3, Episode 5 | Rating: 11/11 |

This is the episode of season three we’ve all been waiting for! The ultimate reunion of the year is upon us, have those Kleenex ready and waiting. “Freedom & Whisky” is one of those episodes that will have you shouting at the TV. Fair warning, this article may contain episode spoilers.

In tonight’s episode of Outlander titled “Freedom & Whisky,” Roger visits Boston to surprise Brianna and deliver some exciting news to Claire. However, both surprises aren’t greeted with enthusiasm at first. Brianna is having a hard time adjusting to having lost Frank and the discovery of her real father’s identity. Claire struggles with the knowledge that she can go back to Jamie, now knowing where he is, but doesn’t want to abandon Brianna. Eventually, through much encouragement, shared truths and a very tearful goodbye we find Claire back in Scotland.

Wow, this episode. The writers, producers, directors and editors know how to build earnest anticipation. We knew it was coming and we couldn’t wait to get there fast enough. Yet, we were also actively engaged in the journey every minute along the way. Sure, we’re all excited to get back to more of our favorite couple, but what happens to Joe Abernathy? Will we get to see more of Brianna & Roger’s budding romance?

The real genius of this episode was laid in the fine details though. Like when Joe Abernathy receives a set of bones from an anthropologist friend, and Claire has an uncanny understanding of deceased bones. Or Claire’s recently acquired sewing machine skills that allow her to create her own homecoming dress, with weather resistant material and plenty of pockets for all the little bits of 1968 she’s going to bring with her. Claire is that pioneer woman in every century she’s in. She’s also a woman dealing with the same insecurities we all face daily. She’s worried about her wrinkles, her grey hair, her overall figure and whether her appearance 20 years later still allows her to be a sexual attractive woman. Basically, she’s normal! Three cheers for an achievable bad-ass and realistic female role model that makes us all feel normal on TV!

By the way, Joe Abernathy’s quick-witted response to Claire asking for a male opinion: PERFECT.

And it’s only fair that this week’s episode focuses on Claire, since we got our share of Jamie in Helwater last week. Caitriona Balfe continues to steal the show in every scene. But it’s not only Caitriona’s heartbreaking performance that you’ll need Kleenex for. When Sophie Skelton (Brianna) starts fumbling through Frank’s old possessions and photos, you may need to hit the pause button while you collect yourself. The emotional roller coaster continues through Claire’s goodbye to Brianna, and then reunion with Jamie.

But brace yourselves, it’s going to be a very long wait for Episode 6 to air, as “Freedom & Whisky” ends promptly upon Jamie & Claire’s first glance upon each other in twenty years. Will Jamie still find Claire attractive? What skeletons are hiding in Jamie’s closet? Will Claire still love him after learning about Willie? Will Jamie be upset that Claire left their daughter behind? If you’ve read the books, you know how this goes. But either way, to survive the long two weeks ahead (that’s right, we’ve got a hiatus week upon us! Outlander returns Oct 22nd), we suggest grabbing a boston cream pie, a lobster roll, and a copy of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Roger & Brianna would approve.