Playlist of The Week: The Best of Tom Petty

Damn The Torpedos

“As you’re coming up, you’re recognized song for song or album for album. What’s changed these days is that the man who approaches me on the street is more or less thanking me for a body of work – the soundtrack to his life, as a lot of them say. And that’s a wonderful feeling. It’s all an artist can ask.” – Tom Petty, Esquire Magazine 2006

We just lost one of the most grounded and beloved (by fans and peers, alike) members of the music industry elite: Tom Petty. Whether with Mudcrutch, the Traveling Wilburys, the Heartbreakers or flexing his rock and roll muscles as a solo artist, with over 80 million records sold, the Gainesville, FL native gifted the world with a wealth of quintessentially American rock and roll that bore a signature sound with an emphasis on pure artistry and musical integrity.

We got lucky the day that Thomas Earl Petty was born.

Because Digster is in the business of curating specialized playlists, we are absolutely here for their Best of Tom Petty playlist. From Damn The Torpedoes to Full Moon Fever to Southern Accents and more, spend the weekend appreciating the sounds and iconic cool of Tom Petty.