“In My Arms” By Grizfolk Ft. Jamie N Commons

“I mentioned an idea of the ‘falling dream,’ the one where you jolt awake right before, or as you hit the ground in a breathless state. ‘In My Arms’ came from a place of wanting to comfort someone in times of trouble and distress which couldn’t be more important in any given time, especially right now.” – Brendan Willing James

The Who: Grizfolk ft. Jamie N Commons (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: The way that Adam Roth (vox), Fredrik Eriksson (guitar), Sebastian Fritze (keys), Brendan Willing James (bass) and Billy Delia (drums) fuse pop, folk and electronica is a pleasing thing and the video for their single “In My Arms” strips away the everyday chaotic energy of Los Angeles and uses the city while it actually sleeps to view the ‘falling dream,’ but the idea for the song came from a very real and scary place. Roth was recovering from vocal cord surgery which left him unable to speak for two weeks and unable to sing for two months when he connected with the soulful British singer, Jamie N Commons.

“Jamie came along at almost the exact time that I was losing my voice, and we suddenly had our first duet. I pretty much thought about everything a guy could think about during those weeks, and for the most part realized how I took a lot of things for granted in my life.” says Roth. “I wake up everyday now and remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to still do what I love.”

The Where: You can keep up with and find out more about Grizfolk via their official website, Facebook and at @Grizfolk on Twitter.