Tim Rozon

Wynonna Earp is the brainchild of comic creator Beau Smith. It’s a tale about the great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. Wyatt, back in his day, was cursed by Bulshar Clootie thus creating The Earp Curse, a curse that affects all of Wyatt’s descendants. Only the living Earp heir has a chance to resolve the curse by killing ALL of the resurrected Revenants. If the Earp heir dies, the new heir starts over from square one. Wynonna is now the Earp heir and this is her story.

Recently Beau’s comic was brought to life for a TV series (you can watch it on SyFy), spearheaded by Emily Andras and brilliantly casted to include Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Shamier Anderson and the subject of today’s interview Tim Rozon.

In all the years, has there ever been an actor to portray Doc Holliday better than Wynonna Earp‘s Tim Rozon? We didn’t think so either, which is why we asked for a few minutes of Tim’s time.

High Voltage: Hey Tim! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. As we’ve recently heard, Wynonna Earp is coming back for season three! When it comes to playing Doc Holliday, what are you looking forward to most? Is there anything you hope to see from Doc next season?
Tim Rozon: There are no words to describe how happy I am that we’re coming back for season three. I’m super excited to see where Emily Andras and her team of incredible writers take Doc next year. As for my own hopes of where the character goes? I would say I just want to explore the personal relationships Doc has with the other characters. I love the one on one scenes I have with each of the Earp sisters and I would love to also have more with our newest editions of Rosita and Jeremy.

HV: I’d really like to learn more about Doc’s past. Being granted eternal health, he’s been around for sometime. What was he up to all those years? Do you think any of that will be explored? What do you, Tim Rozon, think Doc was doing for all that time?
Tim: I think that question will be answered very shortly… but don’t forget he was pretty much just stuck at the bottom of a well not doing too much. I personally think Doc stayed sane by focusing on getting his revenge and that is why he spent most of season one searching for it.

HV: You are living the dream, playing a legendary character on TV show adapted from a comic book and now co-writing the Legends books (a two-issue story arc about your character!) with Beau Smith. How much do you think these Legends book will be used as canon for say possible flashbacks in future Wynonna Earp episodes? Could they play hand-in-hand? How does it feel to create a story for the character you get to play?
Tim: You’re right about living my dream!! Anyone who knows me at all knows how much writing the comics and being on this show means to me. It’s EVERYTHING. Beau and Emily are equally incredible, and inspiring, and I try to learn from them daily. I can’t say what will be used or not, but I will say the books and show have never been as connected as they are right now. We’re learning a lot about Wynonna’s past in Season Zero and I’m hoping some of it plays in her future on the show. Coming off playing Doc into writing Doc was actually really cool this year. I was literally so in the Doc Zone it was scary.

HV: Do you think you might like to attempt writing your own comic one day? Do you have any ideas for it?
Tim: Maybe one day but not any day soon, not if I can keep c0-writing with Beau. It’s such a magical and special thing to create with Mr. Smith, I would highly recommend it to everyone. We’ve been clicking really well creatively lately, that I just want to keep riding this wave of co-creation until it breaks itself naturally. When the time is right and if the opportunity presents itself to me for a solo book, I think I’ll be ready but that is only because of the experience that Beau has given me.

HV: We’ll keep our fingers crossed! Now, Doc has a particular fondness for a certain style of head wear, his hat. Do you think Doc could pull off other hat styles? If so, what would you like to see Doc wear?
Tim: I just got my hat back so I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth… but I wouldn’t mind an old John Deere ball cap. I think it would go nice with the moustache.

HV: *laughs* Oh man, a John Deere cap would be perfect. But what about something less on the nose? Maybe a beanie? Or a sombrero?
Tim: Ok Ok, A John Deere beanie?

HV: *laughs* Ok, outside of Wynonna Earp, is there anything you’re currently working on and/or excited about?
Tim: I may or may not be returning to Season 4 of Schitt’s Creek but of course I can’t really say… so people should tune in and see. *grins*

HV: Good to know, or not know, about Schitt’s Creek. Speaking of outside of Wynonna Earp, let’s dream here. If you could be cast in anything, what would you like to do next?
Tim: I’m honestly not joking when I say I’m already playing my dream role in Doc. It’s literally all I could have asked for in a role, but if Star Wars was looking for a Jedi with a moustache… *grins*

HV: Wouldn’t THAT be something?! OK, Picture this: You’re awake. It’s 5am. You’re about to head to set. Your call time is at 6am. Walk us through your routine for getting into character. What do you do before arriving, as you arrive and then when you first get to set? A day in the life, if you will.
Tim: Wake up. Go to trailer. Coffee. Oatmeal. More coffee. In this order: I put on clothes first, then Coat, and finally my hat. More coffee. Make up. Put my guns on. READY.

HV: So, the secret to Doc is a lot of coffee. Now we know! Final question, what’s the one question you always wish you’d get asked?
Tim: What is it like to to get to play Doc Holliday?
HV: Now answer that question.
Tim: It is EVERYTHING. Seriously. Playing Doc is an honor and a privilege, and in many ways I feel I was destined to play this role. I had known who Doc Holliday was before I got the chance to portray him. So I was equally nervous and excited at the chance to play him. He’s been done so well, so many times before. I just try to be an honest, vulnerable and hopefully sometimes fun version of Doc. I have an absolute blast doing it and I hope it comes across to the viewers.

HV: It certainly comes across to us. Thank you so much for your time, Tim!