Music On, World Off: Music And Human Kindness

Hey, lovelies. It’s a Music Monday unlike any other for many of our fellow man and woman, so if you have a sawbuck to spare (that’s old school Chicago money slang) please text HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the American Red Cross.

Human kindness.

Now that we’ve all stopped hyperventilating from last night’s Game of Thrones season finale, random thought: We all know that it’s only a matter of time until “Littlefingered” gets added to Oxford Dictionary, right?

Damned right.

Moving on to music, I hit my Spotify MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF playlist with 13 new additions to tickle your listening fancy. Goods like South Carolina foursome NEEDTOBREATHE‘s heartfelt “Walking On Water,” my Alabama love, Anderson East, showing that he’s still head over heels for Miranda Lambert as almost every single that he’s released since they began dating shows it and “All On My Mind” is no different (so sweet), Los Angeles-based Foxtrax delivers some early Maroon 5-feeling alternative rock with “Grey Morning,” and if heavy hitting, female-fronted grungy rock moves your blood then wrap your ears around Ramonda Hammer‘s “Bender.” But wait, there’s more…

Foo Fighters – “The Sky Is a Neighborhood

Laser eyes that freak out/turn on every Game of Thrones fan out, a way better use of nepotism than the shit going on in the White House and fun with science! What the shit, for real, as Foo Fighters drop the stomping rock of “The Sky Is A Neighborhood” (from their upcoming album Concrete and Gold) while simultaneously nerding out on astronomy. And, oh yeah, heck their constellation viewer from your phone and explore the sky in your neighborhood because it’s really fucking cool.

ONR. – “Jericho”

Other than the fact that his name is Robert Shields, he puts a period at the end of his moniker and he’s a Scottish lad, I don’t know much about ONR. What I do know is that his debut track, “Jericho,” is a darkly potent, synthy offering reminiscent of Depeche Mode ala Songs of Faith & Devotion/Ultra era: my favorite. That means what ONR. is throwing down is a little delicious to my ears, so stay tuned for further from the gentleman and while you’re listening, check the lyrics. EP coming later this year, folks.

Sidebar: Just last week, after hearing him speak out of character, I realized that Rory McCann (aka Sandor Clegane aka “The Hound” on Game of Thrones) was Scottish and, for some reason, that pleased me. The brogue on that dude.

The Glorious Sons – “Everything Is Alright”

There are several somethings about the Kingston, Ontario five-piece, The Glorious Sons, that explain why they are a Canadian band worth paying attention to such as their “blue collar” rock with a deep, rootsy blues feel and the beautifully earthy nature of frontman Jay Emmons’ voice and lyrics. “Everything Is Alright” is a solid exemplar of those things.

J. Roddy Walston & The Business – “You Know Me Better”

Oh man, they’re back: J. Roddy Walston & The Business. Been a minute since their gutsy and gritty last album (2013’s Essential Tremors) but – hey – life happens: a ton of time on the road, Walton became a dad for the first time, the band built their own studio…real rock and roll stuff. Just like this, their second single from their upcoming album, Destroyers of the Soft Life (due out September 29th). I’m actually listening to the album right now…

And there you go. The theory that I’m working under is that out of 13 songs, you will find at least two that will elicit an “I’m into it.” from you. That’s my goal, lovelies…that and that you find your new favorite band. So dig into my pretty darned deep MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF playlist, and – sidebar #2 – I really recommend checking out Game of Thrones: Season 7 by Ramon Djawadi: the actual and very compelling soundtrack from this all too short, but dramatic as f*ck season.

Thanks for listening and feel free to find and chat me up at @dharma69 on the Twitter!