George Clinton (The Grammy Museum)

The Grammy Museum | Los Angeles, CA | August 9, 2017 | Photo Credit: ZB Images 

“When we did Free Your Mind, we intentionally made sure that we was not going to be conventional. We wanted to do something that…we would never have to be in a bag again. ‘Free you mind and your ass will follow’…we been coming back home ever since.”

“We [Parliament] made an album called Gloryhallastoopid. That was because we thought it was stupid that we were still around. Glory hallelujah that we were, but this is gloryhallastoopid because we still getting away with this shit.”

It was solid gold and glittering gems of reflection upon the early days of Parliament, Funkadelic, Parliament Funkadelic and every other funk/p-funk incarnation by a 76-years young George Clinton that threatened to put Grammy Museum Executive Director Scott Goldman off his interview game. With having left his influence mark on – just to name a very few – the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Kendrick Lamar and Parliament THE most sampled band in history, his legend status is written in stone and after the damned illuminating conversation, Clinton and his Parliament crew – OG Parliament, new school Parliament, kids and grandkids as Parliament – took to the stage to throw down on the funk and make a mothership connection.