Music Is Metaphysical: Brennan Smiley (The Technicolors)

Where garage rock and Brit pop meet, that’s where you’ll find Brennan Smiley (vox/guitar), Troy Lowney (keys), Mike Nicolette (bass), and Sean Silverman (guitar) of Phoenix, AZ’s the Technicolors and their latest album, Metaphysical (released on 7/7), is their aesthetic in a nutshell: the 90s high-fiving the 70s in the 00s. With songs like “Fever Bomb” and “Congratulations, You’re A Doll,” Metaphysical boasts a stellar polished grit with an undercurrent of funk as retro as it is right on time. “Transcending physical matter” is one definition of metaphysical and the word surely applies to how music affects us.

It’s always interesting to hear the who, what, where, when and why a band or artist fell for music and how it has impacted their life. Brennan identified three specific albums that did three things for him: 1) impacted his childhood, 2) influenced his love of music and, 3) helped develop his sound and also – for your listening pleasure – compiled a Spotify playlist of pretty righteous tunes. Because isn’t music metaphysical? Yes, it truly is.

Led Zeppelin DVD

“I think the 2-disc Led Zeppelin DVD had more impact than any record as a kid. Made me buy a Les Paul, and I used to fall asleep with that thing on top of me watching that DVD trying to learn all of Jimmy Paige’s guitar solos. I knew all the live versions better than the recorded versions.”

OK Computer – Radiohead

“I still remember listening to OK Computer for the first time straight through… I was with a friend, driving through the snowy mountains of Colorado at night, and I remember how magnificent I thought it sounded. That was the first time an album really brought me into another world and showed me how magical music really is.”

Damn The Torpedos – Tom Petty

“I’ve always loved the careless, and sometimes vulnerable nature of the vocals on this record. I loved that he was always able to bridge that gap. I also love (sonically) how everything plays its part. I love the role every musician, every instrument plays in these jams. And not to mention, they are SERIOUS jams.”

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