5 Things We Learned About Season 5 of The 100

One of the benefits of San Diego Comic Con is getting an inside scoop on all the various television and film programming in attendance. Here’s what you need to know about Season 5 of CW’s The 100.

1. A Lot Has Changed in 6 Years

When we last left the group, some of our original 100 had gone into space, while the rest of Skaikru ended up in the bunker with the Grounders. Clarke was stranded on the ground but her nightblood protected her from the radiation. Now six years later, Clarke has taken in a young nightblood named Madi, Octavia is ruling in the bunker and things are far from idyllic in space.

2. Space Babies

When the season ended, some of The 100 were forced to go to space to escape Praimfaya and many of them were coupled off or had romantic entanglements in the past. Of course, we’re all wondering if there are space babies. Although all the actors haven’t begun shooting, they have gotten scripts and according to Bob Morley, who plays Bellamy, no space babies have been spotted in the scripts … so far.

The 100 at SDCC, © Kriss // mtrnetwork.net

© Kriss // mtrnetwork.net

3. Octavia Is Feeling Burdened

Although Octavia won the conclave and managed to secure a future for the Grounders and Skaikru, she never intended to be a leader. Furthermore, she’s stuck in her least favorite place; underground. Octavia is a badass but now she’s feeling the burden of what it means to be a leader. According to Marie Avergeropoulos, “she’s able to be a little more sympathetic to Clarke” this season.

4. The Decisions Haven’t Gotten Easier

The 100 has also been a show where the characters have to choose between two horrible decisions and that will continue. While our space crew may have a slightly easier go of it removed from the politics of survival on earth, there will always be some hard issues to reconcile.

5. Going Back Isn’t Easy

The time jump will move the show into the future but flashbacks will definitely be used to flesh out the story. “We’ll see some of the formative, powerful events that turned, Octavia for instance, into the woman she is,” says showrunner Jason Rothenberg. Although the show will live primarily in the time after the jump, we’ll see the significant events that have changed all our lead characters.