“Gave Away” By Sian Cross

The Who: Sian Cross (London, England)

The What: When listening to Sian Cross, you hear a unique world of stories being told with a  beautiful haunt and aural intensity. Her upcoming EP, Catalyst, features “Gave Away” and, while the song is a sensually heady groove, Sian stepped behind the camera to capture and share what actually lies beneath…

“The music video is a direct presentation of the story behind “Gave Away” told through the medium of dance. The lense provides a connection between the subject and myself; I helplessly watch on as my best friend struggles to break away from a life of drugs. The video takes us through her battle all the way through to her eventual redemption after some unexpected news gives her a new perspective on life. This video means a lot to me not only because of its content but it is also the first time I have stepped into the director’s shoes to shoot my own music video.”

The dialogue in the dance. Well played, Sian. Well played.

The Where: Learn more about Sian Cross by checking out her official website, Facebook page and at @SianCrossMusic on Twitter.