“Mother Tongue” The King’s Parade

The Who: The King’s Parade (London, England)

The What: If there is one thing that we can appreciate, it is a seemingly seamless fusion of alternative rock, blues and soul. Throw in an English accent and, oh yeah, we’re into it.

So say hello to The King’s Parade: the London-based quartet of Olly Corpe, Sam Rooney, Tom English and Chris Brent and an up and coming band fully worth keeping your ears on no matter what side of the pond you reside. Now if you follow Trina’s Spotify MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF playlist then you’ve heard these lovely lads before (if you’re not following said playlist, get on that). “Mother Tongue” comes from their second EP, Haze, and its accompanying video is the band’s first music video to actually feature their faces. We know, we know: don’t these guys know how pleasantly pleasant looking they are? Perhaps they favored making a unique artistic statement, had creative friends whom they liked to feature in their stead, or perhaps they’re just shy. Whatever their reasoning, here they are showcasing their smooth cool and musical finery along with their winsome selves in crisp black and white.

Black and white. Yet another thing we’re into.

The Where: Where can you find out more about the King’s Parade? See the usual suspects for further: their official website, Facebook page and at @TheKingsParade on Twitter.