“Violence” By The Unlikely Candidates

The Who: The Unlikely Candidates (Fort Worth, TX)

The What: You know how when we present you a Video Of The Week and we spice it up with a little commentary about what we like about the song, the video, or the band’s hair? 1) Yes, we truly are that superficial, but 2) sometimes it’s best to let the artist’s own words speak for themselves especially when they’re particularly resonant. Case in point, where the head of The Unlikely Candidates‘ frontman Kyle Morris was at when he wrote “Violence,” the second single from the band’s Bed of Liars EP:

“The theme of the song ‘Violence’ is two-fold: On one hand, I wrote it out of the frustration I felt when seeing and hearing stories of police brutality in the news especially the stories of Eric Garner and Freddy Gray. I have tremendous respect for the police and the pressures they are under on a daily basis, but I chose to write about the outstanding incidents that seem to be happening more and more these days. The song echoes the bleak outlook of police brutality in America by personifying it as an abusive relationship between a couple. The person in the song is trapped in an abusive relationship with a paranoid, controlling, and ruthless lover. No matter what the abused does, they cannot seem to satisfy or escape the love of their abuser. The pressure and passion lead to an endless cycle of punishment.”

While the inspiration may be heavy, the song is damned good.

The Where: If you’re a resident of Los Angeles and the video’s location looks a little familiar, that’s because “Violence” was filmed at LA’s Bootleg Theater during the band’s performance there earlier this year. Catch up with and keep tabs on The Unlikely Candidates via all of the usual suspects: their official website, Facebook page and at @TUCBand on Twitter.