“Automatic” By Mondo Cozmo

The Who: Mondo Cozmo (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: 2017 is officially the year of Mondo Cozmo (one of the best overnight success stories in music that only took 10+ years) but, as you can tell by “Automatic” – our new Video Of The Week – tour life in a band is NOT for the faint of heart. There’s sound checks, hopping around onstage, sweating under hot lights, faux archery, backstage shenanigans, and guitarist Drew Beck’s infamous (if not particularly accurate) impression of a baby giraffe to contend with. It’s a hard life, folks, but live footage of the band captured in the wild/on the road show Joshua Ostrander along with Andrew Tolman, Chris Null and James Gordon in their natural habitat to the tune of an emotionally jubilant song that tends to make an audience throw hands and hearts up.

“Love, I won’t let go / Til you say so / Is this love?”

So yes, 2017 is the year of Mondo Cozmo and it’s a righteously beautiful rock ‘n roll movement and we’re so into it. Some things truly are automatic.

The Where: File under “Hell yeah!” because Mondo Cozmo’s debut album, Plastic Soul, is due out on August 4th with a headlining tour to boot. It’s a busy year in the best way for the boys, so keep up with all things Mondo Cozmo via the usual suspects such as the official website (check those tour dates, kids!), Facebook and at @MondoCozmo on Twitter.