“I Can’t Feel A Thing” By Holy Wars

The Who: Holy Wars, (Los Angeles, CA)

The What: For better or for worse, pain and grief can be an artist’s most extraordinary creative spark. With the lose of both of her parents in 2015, Kat Leon walked into and through her darkly profound pain and, in 2017, came out the other side as Holy Wars.

“I Can’t Feel A Thing” is the first single from Holy Wars’ upcoming EP, Mother (release date: June 30th) with its companion EP, Father, coming later this Summer and a song that – loudly – lyrically lays bare a stage of Leon’s grief while the video – more a “dance of darkness” than a danse macabre – is her emotions in motion.

While a band in its infancy, with Holy Wars, Leon has already and more than capably asserted herself as a fierce musical priestess of heady electro rock/pop as emotionally heady as it is raw as it is captivating. Obviously we’re into it, aren’t you? Of course you are.

The Where: If you’re in Los Angeles, you can experience the deep dynamics of Holy Wars on Wednesday, June 7th @ Harvard & Stone as well as at their EP release show at The Hi Hat on Saturday June 29th. As always, you can also keep up with Holy Wars via the usual suspects like their official website, Facebook page, and at @HolyWarsMusic on Twitter.