Music On, World Off: Thank God It’s Friday

It’s Friday. Thank God. Yay. Moving on.

When it comes to cheery and/or optimistic commentary regarding the surrealistic shitshow that is current affairs, I’ve got nothing. I do, however, have some music for you to dig into with my updated Music On, World Off  Spotify playlist which I heartily encourage you to follow. Surrealistic shitshow aside, consider the art of noise a blessing. Drums, bass, guitar, keys, voice. Yessssss.

If you don’t already know, get familiar with Toronto’s Billy Raffoul who – with one song called “Driver” – has set so many ears on fire. Something of a James Bay/Anderson East hybrid and that could never be a bad thing. Crooner Jaymes Young returned with a sexytime bit about getting “Stoned On You”; tour commencing soon with debut album, Feel Something, due out on 6/23 and I truly believe that Terence Ryan’s “Mean It” (our current Video Of The Week) is just the tip of what that dude is capable of. What else? I’m so glad that you asked…

Nelson Can – “Move Forward”

If you find yourself in need of an emotional push, the Danish trio of  Signe SigneSigne, Maria Juntunen and Selina Gin are Nelson Can and – with some serious musical muscularity – dare you to “Move Forward.”

Foo Fighters – “Run”

Foo Fighters as old geezers in a nursing home. Music gets played, riot and chaos ensue. “Run.” Well, duh.

Cody Lovaas – “Bodies”

Chances are good that you may get distracted by the physical action when you hit “play” on Cody Lovaas’ video for “Bodies” and that’s understandable, but focus because the 18 year-old San Diego native singer/songwriter with his summer surf looks is something of a vocal charmer on his latest single, making his deep and smooth groove case for letting nature take its warm-blooded course. Do what you do, Cody. We’re listening.

Meg Mac – “Maybe It’s My First Time”

Damn, but I dig Meg Mac. Her debut album, Low Blows, is due out on 7/14 and  every song that she’s released over the past two years has been a frank peek into her soulful soul. “’Maybe It’s My First Time’ is about trying to get through a bad time.” Meg explained. “When you’re hurt, you can keep going over and over the pain in your head and drive yourself crazy. I wanted to stop all that and only look back once and be done with it. To cruise past my pain instead of living in it.”

You go, girl.

The Technicolors – “Congratulations, You’re A Doll”

Where garage rock and Brit pop meet, that’s where you’ll find Phoenix, AZ’s the Technicolors. “Congratulations, You’re a Doll” is their aesthetic in a nutshell and the first single from their debut album, Metaphysical (due out 7/7): dig the funky bass, dig the guitar grit. Dig the Technicolors.

VÉRITÉ – “When You’re Gone”

Her name is Kelsey Byrne. Her music is VÉRITÉ: a chanteuse of the alt-pop variety with a studied ethereal subtlety that’s icy hot. Yes she, too, has a debut album on the way: Somewhere In Between is out on 6/23.

So there you have it, kids: just a few of the sweet new additions to my  Music On, World Off Spotify playlist. Get in there, root around and here’s hoping that you find an artist, band or song (hopefully more than one) that lights your fire….and keeps the world from burning.

Til next time…Music On, World Off.