Music On, World Off: New Music Friday aka The Day After…

It’s the day after. When the unfathomable happens, what the hell do you do with yourself?

The correct answer is you carry on…and yes, that is the title of one of Chris Cornell’s solo albums. I’ve already written out a few feelings about Cornell, and even though the news updates have confirmed what happened, I think we’re all still at a loss as to what happened. Yet, we carry on…

Just like every Friday, today’s new releases are aplenty so here are a few specific notables to lean your ears towards. Ready…set…GO!

Release Date: May 19, 2017

MisterWives – Connect The Dots

The album’s lead single was the exuberantly defiant “Machine” and it pretty much told you all that you needed to know about MisterWives sophomore album. Stepping up their indie pop game, Connect The Dots is a juicy and buoyant record ripe with full-bodied and well-written songs exposing even more of Mandy Lee’s precious heart. The grooves are lively and damned infectious as are Lee’s fine, elevated and occasionally fiery vocals on songs like “Chasing This,” “Coloring Outside The Lines” and “Let The Light In.” PS: Head banger alert on “Oh Love.”


Missio – Loner

Release Date: May 19, 2017

The Austin, TX duo of Matthew Brue and David Butler may have come to national attention due to a crude hand gesture, but there is so much more to appreciate from Missio than simply their “Middle Fingers.” Their music takes the shape of alt-electro but don’t let that throw you off because Loner‘s river runs deep. Butler’s sonic palette is here to move you and your body while Brue’s lyrics – more honest and forthright than most – are a deep dive into a man’s faults, flaws and higher aspirations. Yes, “DWI” really did go there while “Everybody Gets High” is a surprisingly sobering jam.




Release Date: May 19, 2017

King Washington – Potential

The beauty of LA trio King Washington is the bona fide triple threat that they are. Blending their voices for ridiculous harmonies with classic rock musicianship, Tyson Kelly (guitar, keys, vox), George Krikes (lead guitar, vox), and Billy Lee (bass, vox) bring that Laurel Canyon sound of the 70s into the 00s, throw in dash of twang and kick it up a few notches. See “Evelyn,” “My Reflection” and “Love Be Gone” for further.



Pumarosa – The Witch

Release Date: May 19, 2017

I guess that it’s befitting that the debut album from UK’s Pumarosa is called The Witch because the whole affair – all 54 minutes of it – is something of an exercise in aural spellbinding and shapeshifting. Fronted by Isabel Munoz-Newsome and her vocals that land like a Regina Spektor/Siouxsie Sioux hybrid, Pumarosa’s “industrial spiritual” indie rock makes brilliant use of broad musical spaces, mood, and tasteful electro touches. From the album opener “Dragonfly,” the record floats with a heady crunchiness and an ethereal punch. Their single “Priestess” may clock in at 7 1/2 minutes but it’s one of the better 7 1/2 minutes of music you’ll ever hear.



Of course, I would be remiss if I failed to guide you towards my MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist where you’ll find 13 new additions of pretty damned excellent songs. I can’t seem to quit Cinderella story Mondo Cozmo or keep him out of my playlist, but with songs like “Automatic,” can you blame me? Of course you can’t. Irish duo Picture This are ones to make female hearts (Irish and otherwise) melt with “Never Change,” Jocelyn & Chris Arndt pull some soulful heartstrings of their own with “Bad Business,” and musical firework Lauren Ruth Ward is truly concerned for your feelings with “Did I Offend You.”

Enjoy the music, carry on, and until next time…..MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF.