Music On, World Off: We Survived 100 Days of Horror

Hope springs eternal, AF: America, you’re still here.

Sure, countries around the world are currently giving us their very best “What the f*ck?” faces complete with various forms of shade (China simply cannot stop making fun of our Simpleton-In-Chief but – at this point – can you really blame them?) but we’re still here. And let’s be honest: that mere fact has exceeded most of our expectations so…HUZZAH!

Moving on to the good stuff in life: the music! Thirteen songs have joined my MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF Spotify playlist such as “Unholy War” from UK broody soulster Jacob Banks, Nashville’s The Delta Saints are “Burning Wheels” with their new album Monte Vista, it’s the “Same Sun, Same Moon” from San Diego’s little hurricane and some rich female-fronted indie rock from Aussies, Tired Lion, with “Cinderella Dracula.”

But first let me draw your attention to these bits of uplift in order to revel in the goodness of still being on the planet in order to be the changes that you want to see in the world, defend what you believe in, eat ice cream in bed, enjoy the company of those you love as well as support music and those who make it.

“Celebrate” By Ingrid Michaelson

Ingrid Michaelson is a gem and she has but one simple request: “Celebrate.” Just do it. Because this is her throwback song…like the ones that you used to know and to jam it out for you, she teamed up with triple bro threat (“bros” as in actual brothers) AJR (Adam, Jack and Ryan) and for this slice of musical summertime. Did I mention that Michaelson is a gem? Truth and you’ll find this tune on her upcoming 5-song EP of duets called ALTER EGOS (out on 5/12) which also features tunes with Sara Bareilles, Lucius, John Paul White and Tegan & Sara.

“Hard Times” By Paramore

Pop is a good thing especially in the hands of Paramore who can even make hard times look and sound like a neon carnival pajama party. From their upcoming album After Laughter (due out on 5/12), “Hard Times.”

“Turn It Up” By The Wrecks

Since its inception, Another Century Records has been doing a mighty fine job of mining for musical gold on the non-heavy metal/death metal side of the street. Case in point, these loves of mine, The Wrecks. While still in the “baby band” stage, they’ve already made the rounds on tour with a little UK outfit called Nothing But Thieves and make alt-pop that’s got some angsty kick to it like “Turn It Up.” I don’t recommend trying to hit the notes that Nick Anderson is busting out but I do recommend that you turn it up. Louder.

“Gotta Be Good” By Joe Marson

Do you? Do you reeaaaally gotta be good? Think about that for a moment while Joe Marson works the situation out for himself in what looks like an alt-take of the comic book turned television show, Preacher. “Gotta Be Good” boasts a 70s funky gospel swagger in the vein of the good old days of Al Green while digging into the mysteries of life and is from his brand new EP, Electric Soul Magic Vol. II, which he gave us a track by track tour of. 

“Try To Fight” By Cathedrals

As the San Francisco duo Cathedrals, Brodie Jenkins and producer Johnny Hwin are just so damned good at the art of heady, electro pop so rich, so R&B beat heavy and hypnotic that you could drown in it. Hello to their latest single, “Try To Fight,” with its shimmery synths and drop dead dance groove beneath Jenkins’ deliciously rich voice. It’s the stuff that can easily find itself either in the bedroom or on the dance floor.

And there you go. What better way to spend a day than by pressing “Play” on a playlist? MUSIC ON, WORLD OFF  has got you covered, so follow it, share it with your friends and hopefully you’ll find several somethings that make you want to celebrate and turn it up during hard times while you try to fight the urge that says you gotta be good. Yeah, I just did that.

PS: Find me on Twitter and keep in touch at @dharma69. Let’s be friends.

Til next time…Music On, World Off.