Cold War Kids (The Grammy Museum)

The Grammy Museum | Los Angeles, CA | April 24, 2016 | Photos: ZB Images


“In our first year of being a band we were asked to go on tour with Slayer…we were too scared. We thought we would get goat’s blood thrown at us.” – Nathan Willett


“We’re precious about the holistic experience, not every little detail…the more records we make, the more less precious we’ve been about who’s doing what on what on what, but the fact that the record gets made is the important part and the record’s dialed.” – Matt Maust


“I stopped listening to the radio in junior high. I think we prided ourselves on not listening to the radio. The internet was newish, the iPod was brand new…we could listen to what we wanted.” – Matt Maust

“It was also – to pinpoint it – a dark time for radio.” – Nathan Willett

Those conversational nuggets and so much more (including the odd shout-out to Whittier, CA) were solicited from host Scott Goldman during his conversation with Cold War Kids about their stellar new album, LA Divine, followed by a performance of new hits and old. What was clear was the fact that the band truly relishes and appreciates the strange and colorful landscape that is Los Angeles, and how Southern California living was truly formative in their creation.